What is another way to serve whitebait

coolstuff001, Oct 8, 3:32am
aside from normal fritters?

juliewn, Oct 8, 3:46am
An omelette is nice - they flavour it well as the omelette mix is light..

I make a seasoned to taste omelette mix.. pour into a hot greased pan, then sprinkle the washed and paper-towel dried whitebait evenly over the mix.. season to taste and make as usual.. delicious..

uli, Oct 8, 4:04am
I have floured them and fried them in oil like small sardines, then served with lemon wedges and a green salad.

sue62, Oct 9, 7:08am
I have done them like uli, but added garlic to the oil YUM

fisher, Oct 9, 8:02am
geesh you guys...
you'll have the purists baying at themoon:}}

pussy01, Oct 9, 8:17am
fry up some bacon and half an onion in a small amount of butter...beat 2 eggs,and a bit of milk. add whitebait mix and add to pan cook..damm nice

cuz4, Oct 9, 8:25am
fry them lose in butter add a bit of salt and pepper have withbread real nice brings out the real flavor

charlieb2, Oct 9, 8:38am
Yeah.... only way to have it is a fritter (and there is a special recipe for that too!) and isnt it a squeeze of lemon then sandwiched in white bread.... lol West Coast sammie

uli, Oct 9, 8:51am
Pretty boring to have them the "only way" - why would you if there are so many other good ways to cook them?

illusion_, Oct 9, 9:16am
For breakfast, on toast in a parsley sauce, served with lemon wedges.

Only enough parsley sauce to barely coat them, and cook them in the sauce just before serving

mselaineous, Oct 9, 9:26am
If you have a lot and not too costly apart from tme to catch : place in a pudding bowl with a good knob of butter. Put bowl over a pot of hot water and steam till cooked. Fantastic. Had this as a child and never forgot the rich taste.

charlieb2, Oct 9, 9:42am
uli... I was making a jokey comment about a 'west coast' sandwich....According to west coast folklore thats the 'ONLY WAY' to eat whitebait.....

Next time I'll be sure to post 'jokey comment' at the end of my post

donnabeth, Oct 9, 10:38am
I had to ask last year and found the perfect recipe.

Whisk an egg white untill it peaks add well beatem seasoned egg yolk and fold in whitebait gently.

Fry in a little butter untll g0lden,

uli, Oct 9, 8:41pm
Or simply an icon like you did above.

charlieb2, Oct 9, 9:38pm
Oh uli....

samanya, Oct 9, 10:12pm
I'd agree with the West coasters on that one.
You forgot to mention the teensy smear of mint sauce that they like to put in the sandwich?

gadgetman, Oct 10, 9:05am
Whitebait kalakukko.
Kalakukko is a Finnish delicacy from the area I am from and using whitebait would work. I have to try some day.

gadgetman, Oct 10, 10:00am

rainrain1, May 21, 5:16pm
Now there's a wee dag.....removing the heads and tails from the whitebait hee hee