Something pink for a 6 year old to make and eat

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cap, Sep 12, 12:23am
My 6 year old has to take a plate to Pippins this week with pink food (something to do with Breast Cancer awareness).She'd like to help me make it.So far my only ideas are cupcakes with pink icing but I'm thinking someone else is bound to make these.I also thought of coconut ice but I've never made it before and I haven't even eaten it in a couple of decades and all I can remember is it is super sweet - maybe too sweet?Any other suggestions for child friendly food - both in terms of making and eating?Thanks!

vintagekitty, Sep 12, 12:26am
how cool, yes coconut ice, or what about baking plain biscuits and icing them with pink hearts?. Or buy those little plastic cups and make pink jelly with fruit in it, or pink and white marshmellows?

datoofairy, Sep 12, 12:26am
Ambrosia with strawberry yoghurt and pink marshmellows.

horizons_, Sep 12, 12:27am
Fairy bread. Salmon dip. Shorbread with red food colouring added to make it pink.

cap, Sep 12, 12:27am
I did think about the plain biscuits.I never thought of Ambrosia - yum!I'd just need to get spoons and cups to put it in but that would be okay.

cap, Sep 12, 12:54am
Would the shortbread keep the pink colour when baked (i.e. not go brown)?

noonesgirl, Sep 12, 1:23am
Marshmellow(put cocheal in topping) shortcake

cap, Sep 12, 1:26am
Thanks guys.Might find some recipes now and see what would be easiest for her and see what she thinks.

trudznz, Sep 12, 2:16am
pink pikelets...

cap, Sep 12, 2:19am
Well I am known for making pikelets and taking them to Pippins and Brownies lol!Once again though I worried about them browning when cooking them.Looking at all the recipes here I think Coconut Ice might be the easiest thing for her to make.Now to choose which recipe!Thanks again all.

ruckass1, Sep 12, 2:21am
pink lamingtons

cap, Sep 12, 2:22am
I showed her those and they did not meet with a favourable response.Would have been so nice and easy.I think I need to have a pink party for ME!

ruckass1, Sep 12, 2:38am
Hmm maybe pink Meringues, raspberry or strawberry mousse or mini cheesecakes.

bunny51, Sep 12, 3:07am
fruit kebabs using pink/red fruit and pink marshmallows or fairy wands using pink marshmallows and put them on skewers then cover with pink icing or melt white chocolate coloured pink then cover with sprinkles. (We used icing because there is a little pippin who can't eat chocolate, the original recipe used melted chocolate)

toadfish, Sep 12, 3:10am
Weetbix Rocky Mallow

Base: 3 crushed weetbix, 1/2 c sugar, 2 T cocoa, 1 c coconut, 1 c flour, 1 tsp b powder, 175g melted butter. Combine all and press into tin. Bake at 180 deg for 15 mins. Cool.

Topping: 2 dsp gelatine, 1 t vanilla, 3 drops red food colour, 1 c boiling water, 1 1/2c sugar. Dissolve vanilla and colour in water. Sprinkle gelatine over to dissolve. Mix in sugar. Beat on high for 10 mins (until setting). Spoon over base, sprinkle with coconut and refrigerate.

Pink & Pretty

fee1965, Sep 12, 4:10am
How about a jug of pink lemonade (no one will think of drink, it will all be sweet food probably) and some fruit kebabs - only pink/red fruits and [ink marshmallows.No cooking involved, so no drama for a wee one of 6

cap, Sep 12, 4:49am
Ahhh fruit kebabs - couldn't get any easier for her than that lol!The leaders usually supply some drink.

tc47, Sep 12, 7:01am
When I was a kid I used to make no bake coconut ice. Condensed milk, icing sugar and coconut. Simple as! This recipe is pretty close:

lizab, Sep 12, 7:34am
how about buying some of those pink ice-cream sandwich wafers? You could colour up some softened vanilla icecream with some pureed strawberries or food colouring. You could make and freeze them in advance. I bet this would be the first plate to be cleaned up at Pippins!!! Have fun :)

ossage, Sep 12, 9:46am
Pink popcorn would be easy. Just pop some plain popcorn and make a pink toffee coating for it. Just get some sugar, vanilla (or strawberry) essence and a little bit of water, heat it slowly so all the sugar disolves then bring it to the boil. You can see if it's ready by dripping a small amount into some water. If it makes a cracking noise and the toffee mixture goes into small hard balls it's ready. Add the food colouring last, Pour the toffee over the popcorn while stirring it around so it's all coated. Just be careful because the toffee is really hot.

catlover28, Sep 12, 9:53am
Marshmellow slice with pink marshmellows.

duckmoon, Sep 12, 10:27am
coconut is mainly sugar with a bit of coconut...

what about icing the back of superwine biscuits - perhaps putting a smiley face on them?

duckmoon, Sep 12, 10:28am
you can get hundreds and thousands in just one colour...

fairy bread with just pink hundreds and thousands

dragonzflame, Sep 13, 12:49am
Watermelon? All I can think of is stuff that's so sweet my teeth hurt, but the grown ups there will probably appreciate fruit ;-)

elliehen, Mar 15, 2:07am
That old camping treat called 'S'mores'.Toast pink marshmallows and while hot, sandwich them between two chocolate wheaten biscuits (choc side), so that the chocolate melts into the marshmallow.