Making kahlua q

priestley1, Jul 22, 10:42pm
does anyone know what type of bottle to store it in. Bin inn have have glasss bottles with tops that have a rubber seal and a metal thing that you push down. (I don't know if that makes any sense) would these be suitable?

priestley1, Jul 22, 10:43pm
or could I just use an old wine bottle with a screw top?

tajarn, Jul 22, 11:18pm
we have those also they are gud

priestley1, Jul 22, 11:24pm
great thanks. Do you make kahlua also in them?

tajarn, Jul 22, 11:41pm
no not kalua but it is alcohol in them! ! !

priestley1, Jul 22, 11:58pm
would it still work for kahlua?

tajarn, Jul 23, 12:19am
im not sure , we did however have to let the air out of of ours every so often as the pressure was building up inside with the alcoholic gases but im not sure if this is the case for kahlua but they were very useful.

tajarn, Jul 23, 12:20am
my cousin however put her kahlua into vodka bottles lol

tehenga288, Jul 23, 10:42am
Any bottle with a screw cap works well, after all Kahlua is sold in a screw cap bottle.

susieq9, Jul 24, 10:58pm
Gather up some empty Kahlua bottles from friends and use these. I also have used the empty spirit bottles or wine bottles. Now I have enough of used Kahlua bottles though.

dorothy_vdh, Nov 25, 6:56am
any bottle will do. we use left over vodka bottles