Lolly log

margaret, Jun 26, 10:09am
can anyone help me with this recipe for a looly log

245sam, Jun 26, 10:12am
margaret, have a look at:- php? f=15&t=687

gayle6, Jun 26, 10:13am
Hi Margaret
Check this out
I find this website brilliant when I am looking for recipes.

sleyle, Jun 26, 10:52am
I don't know why everyone puts butter in this recipe, I never do and it doesn't need it. The only thing butter does is adds calories to it!

southerngurl, Jun 26, 11:26am
i only use 1 can condensed milk, one pack of malt biscuits and 1 pkt of fruit puffs. . chop, blitz, blend and mix together and roll into a log. . Simple really. .

cottagerose, Jun 26, 11:36am
I agree about the butter as Ive made this alot and I could ring the butter out of it so am going to try it without as I always end up having to add more biscuits as Its too sloppy.
I also use eskimo lollies as fruit puffs are hard to find

southerngurl, Jun 26, 11:45am
I've noticed, down here any way. . pak'n'save has started selling them under another label. And if your in real need for them. .

Get hold of the Rainbow Confectionary factory in Oamaru. . they do fruit puffs and Astronauts both in 1kg bag. . (same textured lolly)

sleyle, Jun 26, 10:13pm
Glad to know some people leave the butter out. I posted the same comment a while ago and got jumped on LOL.

mike547, Jun 26, 10:24pm
I thought it was the butter that holds it all together, great if its not needed at all

korbo, Jun 27, 2:02am
will be trying without butter, always keen to try a new way. i always use coconut to roll log in.

kabbo, Jul 2, 7:02am
i have always made it with marshmallows.

and i always put it in the freezer instead of the fridge... makes it nice and hard and chewy... yummy.

grandma, Sep 24, 11:50am
Try using liquorish all sorts for a different look. Add them last so they don't melt (if using butter. )