Malt vinager mussle maranate( sp)

gemma165, Jun 15, 11:16pm
recipe needed asap please :D

rubyjane11, Jun 15, 11:34pm
dont use all vinegar water it down

dezzie, Jun 16, 12:45am
asknow its white vinegar and water 50/50 mix and a bit of sugar. .

pericles, Jun 16, 12:52am
not necessary white, I use malt

kirstybrooks, Jun 16, 1:03am
Also has some of the water the mussels are cooked in, and some chopped onion. All I can remember is the water, vinegar and sugar. . sorry.

pericles, Jun 16, 1:06am
that's all I add

petal1955, Jun 16, 5:01am
Melt honey& vinegarin microwave pour over cooked mussels.

fisher, Jun 16, 5:23am
malt vinegar, fine diced onions, chopped ~ pre steamed and cleaned mussels, fine chopped tomatoes, some fine chopped basil...

fisher, Jun 16, 5:26am
Mussel Marinade
1 cup ofwater the mussels were boiled in. 1 ~ 2 tbsp of Honey1/2 cup wine vinegar.
Warm these ingredients until the honey is dissolved and then pour over mussels and add some finely diced onion...
Mussel Marinade( version two )
1 part wine vinegar. . 1 part cider vinegar. . 2 parts water . . 1 clove of garlic crushed. . Sprinkle sugar to taste... Diced onion if you wish

beaker59, Jun 16, 6:27am
I use raw mussels cut them in half then a splash of malt vinegar and a squirt of sweet thai chilli sauce stir up and put aside for half an hour then dig in.

vtired, Aug 12, 2:05am
I make 50% malt 25% spiced vinegar and 25% water mussels cooked in, add a little sugar to take edge off, sliced red onion s&p, put mussels in and chill then tuck in.

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