How do you make a toasted sammy

tekeflapz, Jun 13, 5:34am
with egg as the filling? wouldnt it just spill off the bread and run everywhere before closing the lid? ? I could do with a egg and cheese toasty

lucy-and-ricky, Jun 13, 5:38am
I have made egg sammies in the toastie machine before, you might get some egg white run off, but its very minimal. Just make sure the bread is wedgd in nice and tight so it forms a good seal around the edge.

tekeflapz, Jun 13, 5:40am
oki doki thanks for that, im going to make some now. . mmmmmmm

karenz, Jun 13, 5:42am
Just in case this is a serious question, I would partly fry the egg, brown one slice of buttered bread first, preferably in a frypan, then put the egg and the cheese on top, put the other slice of bread on top of that and flip!

245sam, Jun 13, 5:44am
tekeflapz, what would you be making your toasted sandwich in - a grill type sandwich maker? a sandwich maker that halves each slice of bread to make 2 filling-sealed-in sandwiches, or ? ? (maybe even a frying pan)? I have used the second type with reasonable success by placing the bread in the sandwich maker, buttered- side down, then with the back of a spoon, making a slight hollow then adding the raw whole or slightly beaten egg, and then the top piece of bread, buttered-side up. As I 'said' this was reasonably successful but I believe (and I haven't tried this) that it is more successful to VERY slightly cook the egg (as if you were going cooking scrambled egg) before adding it to the sandwich.

Hope that helps. :-))

mel1140, Jun 13, 6:34am
my partner uses the toastie machine, puts the bread in, when the machines heated, and the bread has a dip in the middle(toastie machine isnt flat, not like a sanwich press), anyway he just cracks the egg into the dip in the bread, then the other bread goes on top and the toastie machine gets closed

fruitluva2, Jun 13, 6:40am
I don't part cook the egg as I find its just cookedright when placed in raw.

juliewn, Jun 13, 12:04pm
I do the same as you Mel. . pushing the bottom piece of bread down against the bottom to enhance the hollow before adding the egg. . yum!

lindi4, Jun 14, 3:00am
I stick a knife thru it to see if it's cooked just before taking it out. Don't panic raw egg is fine for a toastie

dorothy_vdh, Jun 14, 3:05am
lightly cook the egg in the microwave breaking the yolk first, then add to other toasted sandwich fillings. Then cook sandwich as normally would

elliehen, Aug 4, 11:53am
What about trying the camping trick? Take a piece of bread and cut a hole in it with the top of a glass. Fry it in butter, turn over and break an egg into the hole. The hole contains the egg. Can turn again if you want a firm egg. Sprinkle with cheese. Fry the little 'hat' too :)