What is the difference between red lentils &

white_elephant, Jun 9, 9:02am
brown lentils? Thanks

emmapear, Jun 9, 9:07am
One is split and red colour and small and the brown ones are a different variety they are round, unsplit, brown and have skins on them.

lilyfield, Jun 9, 9:19am
and are soooo much nicer

uli, Jun 9, 9:32am
Different varieties, so cook differently as well.
Any more questions?

calista, Jun 9, 12:07pm
You can cook the red ones in a soup in about half an hour. The Puy and green ones are bigger and take longer to cook.

white_elephant, Jun 9, 6:59pm
The recipe said brown lentils but I couldn't find them at the supermarket so bought red.

bluecalico, Jun 9, 7:19pm
Red lentils completely mush down when cooked so you wouldn't really know they were there... . . eg. in a tomato soup, whereas brown lentils hold their shape when cooked are have an earthy sort of flavour.

white_elephant, Jun 10, 9:02am
Asked this time at the supermarket for brown lentils and they don't sell them. Where should I look for them at an unfamiliar supermarket?

tims04, Jun 10, 9:33am
Brown lentils are often found in the Organic section of supermarkets. Most Indian spice shops also sell them, that is where I buy mine.

calista, Jun 10, 10:13am
New World here are good for lentils.

white_elephant, Aug 6, 7:46am
I finally managed to get brown lentils and made Sophie Grays Friary Lentil Soup, it was very nice, I'll try and use brown lentils more often. I'm not generally a fan of Sophie Gray recipes but we all enjoyed this soup.

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