Help for test tomorrow pls What does shorten mean?

unicstudent, Jun 7, 9:27am
I am taking a foodie course and have a test tomorrow. We have focussed on bread this week, and one of the words in our vocab list is 'shorten'. I can't seem to find any definition for it. Can anyone help? ? ? I guess it maaay have something to do with shortening (butter or lard) but cannot find any links to just 'shorten'. It is not in context so don't have any clues there. And can't find any references to 'shorten' in any bread contexts. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

lilyfield, Jun 7, 9:31am
pretty sure its a spelling mistake- meaning shortening.

remotely possible they mean shorten the rising time? But I don't think so

unicstudent, Jun 7, 9:34am
I had thought of a spelling mistake but I think the text has been used enough times to have spotted an error. I have also considered shortening the rising time, but like you, am not sure. Hence I am still confused. Thanks so much for your thoughts - it's nice to know someone cares :)

deus701, Jun 7, 9:39am
maybe it meant... the use of butter/fats to shorten the gluten strands in flour?

245sam, Jun 7, 9:41am
sorry lilyfield, I can't agree - I don't think it is a spelling mistake, shortening is the noun, shorten is the verb.

unicstudent, here are a couple of possible sources of info' for you:-

http://boards. php/t-5467

Hope that helps - Good luck for your test tomorrow. :-))

Edited to add that IMO deus701 is 'on the right track/line of thinking'. :-))

unicstudent, Jun 7, 9:43am
maybe it meant... the use of butter/fats to shorten the gluten strands in flour? Hmm, I like the sound of this one! Even if it is wrong it sounds intelligent - but I don't get marks for trying, dash it! !

unicstudent, Jun 7, 9:49am
Aahh, 245sam you are a gem. I had gone round and round, and thought of short bread too but just thought it so named becasue of the amount of shortening used in it. I knew it would be the verb, to shorten, but just couldn't make (or find) the right links. Thankyou soooo much. I am rather a nerd, and hate going in to a test with material I still do not understand. You have made my day; Sincere thanks :)

lilyfield, Jun 7, 10:13am
as usual - 245sam to the rescue. Sometimes english as second language lets me down. thanks- learned something as well

reese_wrathchild, Feb 12, 4:00pm
To shorten the butter is to melt it and blend it into the flour batter or other ingredient. Because if you l just toss in 2 Table spoons of butter & stir it will not be evenly distributed, therefore you have to " melt it" shorten it. Hope this helps someone. This was told to me by my dutch grandma ma.