Noddy hosting a cookin show kfc furr bene's how

noddy26, May 14, 8:53pm
to reheatitkbogie

bedazzledjewels, May 14, 9:26pm
English please!

mwood, May 14, 10:09pm
just use your cigarette lighter to light the carton it came in - gives it an authentic barbecue taste as well

fisher, May 15, 12:37am
for that damp/wet loose skinned yukky result, use your microwave :}for that maybe lose some yukky fat, dried out result, use your oven. . :}
mwood. . your version also allows for that "smoked" taste as well. . :}

elliehen, May 15, 12:52am
Sprinkle dry laundry powder on the leftovers before placing in the rubbish bin to deter your pets...

noddy26, May 15, 1:46am
dearssum goodideashere uknows

fordmadnz, May 15, 1:47am
kfc k


jessie981, May 15, 3:08am
eyes luff dertatoe & gravy.
how ya doing fordz?

mwood, May 15, 5:33am
nah - ya gotta chuck a bit of "cabbage" in as well for that

noddy26, May 15, 8:26pm
yes fordsz is back in ourthreadk jessboogiewheres oo been luffs

amazing_grace, May 16, 3:35am
Ok, speak english and more people might talk to you Noddy... its a big turn off if you can only grunt.

noddy26, May 17, 8:37am
ok denk

rebecca92, May 17, 8:51am
Boggie Noddy can I come to da cooking show?

noddy26, May 13, 4:13am
yes luffs we need yrideasin our thread tok