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valentino, Jan 2, 2:56am
Summer Salad, note the wavy Zuchinni, My new toy will do that very quickly and no cut fingers etc. Editing to add a link to BBQ Prawns by Nadia. have a look.

valentino, Mar 8, 7:28pm
Hmmm the latest with a Detox Loaf''''



valentino, Oct 25, 8:58pm

valentino, Nov 7, 9:30pm
Hmmm from Bite and Nadia Lim.
A Mango, Avocado & vanilla Ice Cream.


valentino, Nov 10, 7:02pm
How about a Whitebait and Snapper Sandwich by Al Brown.

valentino, Nov 29, 11:06pm
A simple glazing ham video by Ray McVinnie.

One of the easiest ones demonstrated.
In the past years, a few have requested how or what does one glaze a ham. This is an excellent example.


valentino, Nov 29, 11:09pm

valentino, Nov 29, 11:11pm

kaddiew, Nov 30, 2:18am
Excellent, thanks valentino.

valentino, Dec 6, 11:31pm

They have added more Christmas Stuff.

rainrain1, Dec 7, 5:36am
I like the sound of this glaze and am going to use it this year, it's making my mouth water just by reading it, thanks for posting, saves me a google search ;-)

valentino, Dec 7, 6:08am
via this recipe.

I did this tonight's dinner and whilst cooking it decided to add a Mango by slicing the flesh and added to the serving bowl then all else.

I rate this is possibly the best Pasta dish ever, it was utterly superb.


valentino, Dec 7, 9:16pm
Re my last post, the pasta dish.

Just been thinking through last night but cannot get the thought of that "Spiralizer" being used here, i.e. instead of using pasta or any similar spaghetti like or noodles but using carrot, beetroot and some zuchinni as such in place of the pasta.

One could par-boil the carrot and beetroot until just al-dente style just like the pasta then add it to the dish as per the recipe plus the zuchinni, just allow the heat to go through as per recipe and tossing etc then serve.

I think those spiralizers could be great in this area and is used in other similar dishes.

Just some thoughts to share.


valentino, Dec 13, 10:49pm
The latest addition, and check out that pan-Brownie, interesting!

valentino, Dec 21, 12:50am

kaddiew, Dec 5, 9:41am
Thanks valentino. Well worth a look!

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