Milo going hard.

When I buy milo in a bag, I put it in a jar it gets hard and lumpy the jar has a screw lid and is perfectly dry, why does it go lumpy , any help

Chef_supanan4, Jun 6, 7:12 am

I wish I could help, but I find that with coffee. I don't drink it so a packet or jar should last ages if it didn't go rock hard first. Hopefully someone can help us.

Chef_jan2242, Jun 6, 10:33 pm

yes, my milo was the same. switched to PAM'S CHOCCA.(THINK THAT IS IT)
and never had a problem, and it is much nicer

Chef_korbo, Jun 6, 10:38 pm

has the chocca have as much sugar in it as milo please?

Chef_glynsmum, Jun 6, 11:29 pm

Does Nestle have a 0800 phone no.?

Chef_amasser, Jun 7, 2:09 am

Found from Milo NZ
When moisture gets into your tin of MILO the powder starts to absorb the moisture and stick together and over time can form a solid clump. Humid or rainy weather can also have an effect as well. To avoid this always make sure your lid is properly sealed, your MILO is stored in a cool dry place and used within 8 weeks of opening. Remember to ensure you've finish scooping your MILO into your cup before you start stirring as a damp spoon can also cause clumping. We hope these tips will help!
Someone also said put a piece of bread in the tin, this zaps up any moisture.

Chef_fifie, Jun 7, 2:41 am

i buy born vita does.nt go lumpy as still have hard Milo i bash it and eat it yumm

Chef_harrislucinda, Jun 7, 2:47 am

I find keeping it in the fridge works for me

Chef_trader-joy, Jun 7, 2:47 am

I keep in Screw top container in fridge,didn't know you should only keep 8 weeks.

Chef_glynsmum, Jun 7, 2:48 am

Good one, ive got written in a old recipe book keep it in the freezer, stops it going hard. Never tried it.

Chef_fifie, Jun 7, 3:03 am

I have milo for friends and family and I keep it in the freezer and it lasts for ages.

Chef_malcovy, Jun 7, 5:37 am

If you save those little absorbant crystals pads that come in pill bottles and put them in your Milo they will keep it dry. Also I have found it keeps better if left in the Milo tin or if just buying packets put the whole packet into an airtight container, DONT tip it out into another container.

Chef_camper18, Jun 7, 9:30 am

I donít buy Milo now since they changed the recipe to the Australian one. The new taste is yuk! Not made in NZ anymore.
Just saying!

Chef_lindylambchops1, Jun 8, 11:07 pm

Put rice in a breathable (cotton) bag and place in the top of the jar/container.

Chef_smallwoods, Jun 9, 12:12 am

. havent a packet on hand, but I THINK it has less. could be wrong

Chef_korbo, Jun 9, 1:54 am

I keep my milo in a container in the fridge and it doesn't go hard.
I used to buy Bourne Vita which i prefer but you can't buy it now.

Chef_ffloss, Jun 9, 4:24 am

Keep in fridge in air tight container same goes for coffee and salt. It works have done it for years.

Chef_jaybee6, Jun 9, 11:40 am

I think Bourne vita is still available online. Google it

Chef_bottynoodle, Jun 9, 12:10 pm

Where do you get your Bournvita from? I haven't seen it at the SM for a long time, so thought it was no longer available. I prefer that to Milo.

Chef_nauru, Jun 12, 7:17 am

i put a tea bag in the milo cointaner and it never goes lumpy have done this for the last 20 years

Chef_angejay6, Jun 21, 2:23 pm

Buy a different mix, Milo is 50% sugar, that's actually probably why

Chef_lythande1, Jun 26, 7:36 am

Iput 1/4 of a crust in my brown sugar- keeps it loose. That might work for the Milo too.

Chef_helen35, Jun 26, 11:30 pm


Chef_kassie48, Aug 15, 11:18 am

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