Can I buy PUY lentils in NZ? I understand they are

nowsgood, Aug 5, 10:11pm
from France, what could I use instead? Thank you.

geldof, Aug 5, 10:44pm
Yes you can. I think Ceres sell them.

oopie, Aug 5, 10:50pm
Moore Wilson's have them.

hd07, Aug 5, 11:04pm
I had to google what 'Puy' lentils were, but looks like the 'French' lentils that I buy in Countdown. Standard brown lentils are similar imo.

davidt4, Aug 5, 11:14pm
Most bulk food markets, health food shops and some supermarkets will have them, sometimes labelled "green lentils". They are a dull olive green colour.

As an alternative (and in my opinion even better) are the small black lentils labelled "caviar lentils".

davidt4, Aug 6, 2:25am
The black lentils are also known as "Beluga lentils".

schnauzer11, Aug 6, 4:51am
My local Indian food shop sells every kind of lentils, including Puy.

nauru, Aug 6, 7:10am
I buy mine at Countdown or NW and I think I've seen them in Pak & Save too.

slimgym, Jan 8, 5:16pm
bin inn has them

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