Quorn products

yellowgal, Jul 19, 4:57am
Hi - does anyone know of a good online shop where I can buy Quorn mince and other vegetarian items. Thanks.

motorbo, Jul 19, 5:41am
have you eaten it? i bought a pack but the warnings on it scared me so its still in the freezer

awoftam, Jul 19, 7:15am
What has it got in it?

kaddiew, Jul 19, 8:09am
A family member eats it several times a week. Not for me.

"All Quorn products contain an innovative ingredient—Mycoprotein™. It's GMO – free, high in protein, a source of fiber and low in saturated fat. Mycoprotein™ is derived from an abundant natural organism called Fusarium Venenatum."

kaddiew, Jul 19, 8:10am
the main supermarkets all stock Quorn.

awoftam, Jul 19, 10:23am
Yea I did google it - I just wondered what the warnings were Motorbo talked about.

dolphin19, Jul 20, 4:56am
I've just discovered the Linda McCartney products and now like them better than Quorn.

The Countdown online site might sell the mince but not sure.

tarawera99, Jul 22, 6:29am
There's a really lovely Kiwi girl, Ela Gale on You Tube that makes veggie mince and other vegan recipes like vegan cheese and cheese sauces. Sorry that doesn't directly answer your question, but she has some really good, low cost, easy vegan recipes. With ingredients you can buy here in NZ.

comadi, Jul 22, 9:38am
I did not know of this product. I just did a few searches and found there are only 2 Vegan options of which I don't know who would stock yet.
They are Vegan Schnitzel and Vegan Nuggets.
The non Vegan options on Countdowns website are $8.99 for 300 grams; so like most prepared Vegan foods are very expensive.

ks1968, Jul 22, 9:40am
I agree they are so much better!

motorbo, Jul 22, 10:00pm
oh sorry ive just come back to this now, it says something about allergins,
i think its cos it is a member of the fungi family. just me being silly i guess, its still in the freezer unused lol

buzzy110, Jul 24, 10:51am
I did google the product to see what the warnings were and why they were there. I found that some people do have quite an extremem reaction to the fungus it is made from, hence the warnings. They are few and far between but it is better to warn people, so that if they do have a reaction they know what caused it and can inform their emergency medical provider, if it gets that far.

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