Where can I buy Parisian Essence?

fekim, Oct 28, 11:40pm
I think that's what it's called. My wife always had some in the cupboard to use for gravy colouring. Can find it in my local CD or PnS stores.
Or is there something else I can use. My stews look pale and uninviting.

patsprat, Oct 28, 11:52pm
Try one of the "British" stores - I found 'Sarson's Rich & Dark Browning' in a bottle just like the old Hansell's Gravy Browning in our local one (Tauranga). Can't remember what the shop's called now but they import British grocery items etc for homesick Brits

punkinthefirst, Oct 29, 1:05am
Firstly, choose meat that comes from a "working" part of the animal - shin, rump, etc. You'll find that it is tastier and gelatinous when cooked properly. Before you cover the meat with liquid, brown it in oil, in batches, and set aside. Then brown the onions and garlic carefully in the same pan and put it in with the meat. Pour stock, water, canned tomatoes or wine, or a combination into the browning pan and scrape up all the bits of tasty brown stuff that are stuck on the bottom and pour over the meat. Season, add herbs and vegetables if you're using them, put the lid on, and cook the stew slowly on a low heat or in the oven. Thicken before serving if needed.
You won't need gravy browning at all!

pogram0, Oct 29, 9:59am
Parisian essence is another name for gravy browning. Hansells used to make it in NZ but as I recall they discontinued doing so a couple of years ago. You could try telephoning them and asking if they have any plans to recommence manufacture at any time. If you know anyone going for a holiday to Australia it is freely available in any of the supermarkets over here. There is usually no use by date on the product so it pretty much lasts forever.

rainrain1, Oct 29, 7:11pm
Sounds like perfume. I sometimes use a packet of gravy mix if I'm desperate for flavour

crazynana, Oct 29, 11:19pm
I saw it listed on Reduced to Clear yesterday.

snapperheadrkp, Oct 30, 12:55am
About 18 months ago I went went through the the same exercise to find some. I phoned Hansells and while they still make it, they only sell in 2 litre bottles for bakeries, restaurants and caterers. I splashed out on 2 litres from Gilmours (and now have enough for 100 years of home use so will have to will it to someone)
YES I saw the small bottles of QUEEN brand (Australian food colouring and essence suppliers) for sale on the Reduced to Clear mail order site last week. Tap it up

korbo, Oct 31, 12:32am
. my friend and I went halves in the 2litre bottle, which I found in New World. If you have a Binn Inn or Real food shop they sell it in small jars. Couldnt live without it.

camper18, Nov 7, 11:04am
I phoned them about a year ago and they sent me 4 small bottles at a discount price which I distributed around the family.

karlymouse, Nov 11, 4:08am
So what is it made of ?

245sam, Nov 11, 4:36am
karlymouse, according to the info' at:-
the ingredients are:- "Water, Colour: Caramel III (150c); Salt, Preservative: Sodium Metabisulphite (223)." :-))

karlymouse, Nov 11, 9:32am
Well sounds like something I would avoid frankly.

marcs, Nov 11, 1:23pm
You can find them here in Australia in the supermarket under Queens brand.

kaddiew, Dec 4, 6:52pm
It's currently on Reduced to Clear for $1.99. But I just use a splash of soy sauce to add colour and savoury flavour to casseroles, stews etc.

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