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rainrain1, Nov 18, 8:27pm
Don't hang mince on hooks

buzzy110, Nov 19, 12:56am
Funniest thing I've read in while.

jan2242, Nov 19, 9:38pm
Or defrost on the bench if you have a cat

uli, Nov 19, 10:02pm
Or simply use sewing thread. My grandmother did that 100 years ago already :)

buzzy110, Nov 19, 10:04pm
That would be much cheaper and more practical than using floss for sure.

uli, Nov 19, 11:28pm
I guess no-one nowadays has thread in the house anymore :)

Not so long ago I had a hell of a time to find cotton thread to roll up some rolled rib roasts of my pigs and goats. Seemed to have completely gone out of fashion. May have to go and buy some from the butchers.

uli, Nov 19, 11:29pm
So here is a hint - in addition to the above post:
Do not roll a roast with nylon/dacron or whatever plastic thread and then roast it! The outcome might not be tasty!

buzzy110, Nov 20, 2:06am
I used to get my butcher's string from my local butcher. I bought a big roll of it from Farro Fresh (I think) recently.

Have you asked at your supermarket for netting instead. I was discussing buying a boned out fresh turkey today with the butcher at my P-n-S and mentioned that I might roll up the breast meat. He offered to supply me with netting for the job.

janbodean, Nov 20, 2:09am
You can still buy linen thread and that does a great job too.

kay141, Nov 20, 2:11am
I buy packs of cotton string at the supermarket. I use it for cooking and gardening. It is usually around the kitchen utensil area.

valentino, Nov 20, 2:19am
There are Cheese Slicers that has the metal strand as its cutting method too.

I use cotton Strings for rolling meats ready for roasting or rotisserie.

A Ham Knife (the long flat thin bladed type) is great for cakes, breads etc as well as the Ham and meats, just simply an underestimated knife.

wasgonna, Nov 20, 2:28am
I've got plenty of cotton strings. Unfortunately can't afford the meat to go with it. Have found that if I pull the string through some dripping and then through the mouth I can imagine what it tastes like.

kassie48, Nov 26, 6:34am
To cut a sponge smoothly, use un-perfumed dental floss. Don't think it would 'cut' at a Wedding.

geldof, Dec 2, 5:14pm
It's to cut it horizontally for filling and levelling. :D

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