Napier Butcher

lythande1, Jun 18, 8:51am
Who is cheap? Not the Mad Butcher (who isn't that cheap anyway)

korbo, Jun 18, 11:59pm
there are a few in Napier. but whether they are cheap I dont know.
I go to p/sve or the mad butcher when meat is on special, and new world often have in store specials. really good value

lythande1, Jun 19, 5:46am

edzmax, Jun 19, 5:51am
Are you moving here or something haha!
There's one in McGrath Street, and other than that I think the only other one is in Taradale. Mad Butcher have got really good now. New World Greenmeadows have a very good butcher too.

lythande1, Jun 19, 8:37pm
Moving. OK thanks, will check it out.

korbo, Jun 20, 3:49am
there was one in Latham st, not sure it is till there.

lythande1, Jun 20, 8:19pm
OK, rang the lot. My god they are expensive! Incredibly expensive.

smallwoods, Jun 20, 9:05pm
What price is mince?

edzmax, Jun 21, 6:24am
Isn't everything expensive these days?

cleggyboy, Jun 21, 6:26am
So these guys are out of the question? I like their meat.

lythande1, Jun 22, 8:19pm

lythande1, Jun 22, 8:23pm
Beef Cheeks $22kg? !
Veal Schnitzel $59.95kg!

I pay $3.99 to $4.99kg for chicken. $9kg lamb shoulder chops, no more than $14kg beef schnitzel, $6 to $9kg mince. All the time.

korbo, Jun 22, 11:04pm
that is outrageouse $15kg for mince. wonder what shop.
you just have to check out what is on special and buy a couple that week, then the next week something else will be on special. New World often have IN Store specials and they are dam good

lythande1, Jun 23, 3:39am
All of them I rang! Didn't ring Hastings, just all in napier.

buzzy110, Jun 23, 4:57am
It surely would depend on the quality of the meat used to make the mince. If offcuts and scraps are used then the mince would be cheaper than if a dearer, cut of meat was used.

Small, single owner butcher shops have to provide an excellent quality of meat to their customers or they will quickly get a poor reputation. My butcher at the last place I lived provided the tenderest and best meat. I kept costs down by buying less, preferring to go for quality over quantity. He never let me down. When he sold, the new owner sold packed cheap meat in polystyrene and gladwrap just like the supermarket. I stopped going.

The original butcher also had specials that were cheaper than I could get at the supermarket.

smallwoods, Jun 23, 5:50am
Ok, no joking.
What's the real price?

smallwoods, Jun 23, 5:53am
Remember the low fat mince is fairly bland for taste and will over cook quickly.
Fat IS flavour, if buying lean use some pork fat.

Mince around $11 here.

smallwoods, Jun 23, 5:58am
Village butcher in Havelock North.
Pork mince $12.50
Pork steaks $15.00

lythande1, Jun 23, 8:06pm
Ring them yourself then. I rang and asked.
Got a price for several items, horrendous.

cleggyboy, Jun 23, 8:49pm
Well these are the days, just got to go with the flow or dare I say go vegan or gather roadkill.

We are paying export prices, for in a lot of cases crap meat.

lythande1, Jun 24, 12:57am
Yep, I'll just wait for specials at the supermarket and bulk buy I guess.

les6, Jun 24, 5:24am
best you stay where you are then?

smallwoods, Aug 18, 6:00pm
I just googled and posted for you.
Try Havelock North butcher.

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