Chef_awoftam, May 17, 7:16 am
"A whole new catagory of food. made up by the false health prophets to flog us unusual foods at extraordinary prices"

David Gillespie.

The more I research the more I believe this to be true. Do you really look into what you eat - and buy because you are told it is new and great for you and contains heaps of nutrients we must have (although we have survived without them to date) and get on the fad wagon, or are you more circumspect? I used to be a faddy. I wonder now at the money I wasted.

Chef_kay141, May 17, 7:20 am
So true. I know kale fits into that category. Latest research seems to find that Chinese cabbage and silverbeet have more of every nutriment that kale has for less cost.

Chef_lilyfield, May 17, 7:29 am
Chia seeds

Chef_awoftam, May 17, 7:29 am
Yea kay141. It's like goji berries - a stimulant like coffee or ginseng. The claims of other benefits are either already in food that we eat, or unsubstantiated. Like chia seeds, activated almonds and acai berries.

Chef_awoftam, May 17, 7:30 am
Yarp. Very trendy tho!, May 17, 7:40 am
I agree, however if they taste good and are not astronomical in price I will buy them. At last cacao nibs are cheap (well I've found a source) and I do like coconut oil as I buy in bulk and have also found a good price and use many ways. Goji berries overrated and overpriced, don't know about chia seeds and quinoa is ridiculous in price. but vegetarian daughter likes them so will buy occasionally. I like kale but won't buy it, have grown and been given some by a friend that had so much she couldn't cope with it. Would think broccoli packs quite a punch for a reasonable price and love raw and cooked cabbage.

Chef_awoftam, May 17, 7:42 am
For sure I am not saying don't eat them - variety is the spice of life after all. I just wish I could think up a fad and make bazillions lol

Chef_wheelmann, May 17, 8:17 am
Get one of those little processors from the company in morning TV and everyday foods become super. I would if my everyday morning tea of donut and chocolate digestive would count., May 17, 9:32 am
Yeah I think that too but who fancies cold liquidised fruit and veges for breakfast. I don't. I need a cup of tea, well two actually and then I can't eat until 11am ish at least. If I lived in a hot country I probably could though and do like those things but not as a meal replacement. Actually I made myself a smoothie last week ostensibly for lunch with spinach, berries, yoghurt, coconut oil, cocoa powder, banana and was still really hungry afterwards, so made an omelette. It felt like I'd just had a drink, not solid food.

Chef_awoftam, May 17, 9:39 am
A handful of almonds may have helped. but I get what you are saying. Soon there will be a heap of fat people running around holding nutribullets wondering what went wrong lol

Chef_awoftam, May 17, 9:39 am
Well,maybe not running.

Chef_patsprat, May 17, 10:15 am
Oh dear, that gave me a giggle, Awoftam. You're right of course, if we just ate all those foods instead of cramming them in in concentrated form maybe we would be healthier? I'm no expert but I'm sure our systems were made to deal with all the fibre & bulk of fruits & veg over a slower timespan. ?

Chef_nauru, May 17, 12:25 pm
Well I for one, would rather eat my fruit & veges than drink them.

Chef_awoftam, May 17, 8:27 pm
Me too nauru and we shouldn't eat unlimited amounts of fruit anyway. I do believe veges are pretty much okay unless one went really pigola with them however fruit does contain a fair bit of sugar. My sister in law heard that you should cut down on sugar so in true uninformed style she stopped having it in her coffee and proudly told me she was making 'healthy smoothies' of banana, apples, feijoas, oranges, yogurt and water at least once a day.

Chef_buzzy110, May 17, 11:15 pm
+1. awoftam gave me a giggle as well. Great message.

Chef_buzzy110, May 17, 11:16 pm
Lol. reminds me of a friend who proudly told me the same thing about bread. When asked what she used instead she said she was eating bagels! Truly uninformed as you put it.

Chef_awoftam, Jul 27, 6:20 pm
Bwahahaaaaaaaa. -
. how did you keep a straight face.

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