Is nigel slater gay? Page 1 / 2

roys351, Jan 24, 6:23am
that English cook

harrislucinda, Jan 24, 6:46am
why does it matter if gay or not

datoofairy, Jan 24, 6:48am
Maybe Roy thinks he's a yummy wee morsel, that he'd like a taste of?

davidt4, Jan 24, 8:04am
Yes, Nigel is gay. Why do you ask?

roys351, Jan 24, 9:11am
I have wondered for ages if he was and have been watching his programme nigel and adams farm kitchen and wondered if they are life partners

roys351, Jan 24, 9:12am
I find him captivating to watch but as I am a female I don't think im his type

kaddiew, Jan 24, 9:58am
Not unless Nigel Slater looks like a woman and also goes by the name of Charlotte. Google is your friend.

willyow, Jan 25, 5:11pm
I thought this was a recipe site!

kaddiew, Jan 25, 8:04pm
Sorry, inappropriate levity on my part. My answer should've been. No, he is married to a woman named Charlotte.

jenny791, Jan 26, 1:48am
who the heck cares if he's gay or not.

samanya, Jan 26, 5:21am
Exactly . I enjoy some of his recipes & isn't that what it's all about?

karlymouse, Jan 26, 11:18am
Just a guess, but probably

rubyjane11, Jan 27, 3:10am
settle petals he is married and shock horror to a woman. there you can all sleep easy tonight!

kay141, Jan 27, 3:16am
Exactly. Why is it any of our business? Just because he is one of the few "celebrity"cooks who choose to keep his private life to himself, he must be gay. How presumptuous to assume and how arrogant to state that for a fact.

davidt4, Jan 27, 3:27am

davidt4, Jan 27, 3:30am

jia5, Jan 27, 4:31am
Where did OP presume, she asked a simple question.
Arrogant for asking a question? Have I missed something here?

rubyjane11, Jan 27, 9:26pm
honestly I would have thought it was glaringly obvious and in the scale of things I for one am not bothered

illusion_, Jan 29, 2:31am
All an act for the gullible. He is happily married

not that it matters either way . I find his cooking great

griffo4, Jan 29, 4:19am
Thank you for that David l read his book, Toast, and like his style, done one or two of his recipes

taurus2005, Jan 29, 10:24pm
who cares.

motorbo, Jan 31, 5:59am
I like him. but not the farm show, but I do find he talks a lot like he has invented a new twist on food and frankly he hasn't lol

ffloss, Jan 31, 6:29am
So what if he is. You take people as you find them.

griffo4, Jan 31, 7:07am
Does anyone have his recipe for an orange loaf l got given some a while ago but haven't been able to find the recipe l think from memory it had a glaze on top of it? It may have been a lemon recipe and this person made it with orange

245sam, Jan 31, 7:45am

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