Feeding 30+ people help

jstlookin4bargn, Jan 27, 7:41am
I'm going to be feeding 30+ people 2 times a week was wondering if anyone has some easy bulk recipes main and dessert

davidt4, Jan 27, 7:23pm
I have some Indian recipes, mainly curries, that serve 50. Let me know if you are interested.

smallwoods, Jan 27, 7:37pm
Twice a week for how many weeks?

Slow roast a pork shoulder and pull it apart(pulled pork), or mutton.
Bolar roast (beef)
Spit roast a porker/lamb.

.jillybeen., Jan 27, 8:46pm
Ask them to bring a plate ? surprise shared food, awesome. I agree with smallwoods, summer salads, curries are great too. Ice cream and fruit salad simple and easy.

autumnwinds, Jan 28, 2:53am
What type of people are they? That could make a big difference.

A group of 30+ athletes/sportspeople/teenager-
s would have different requirement to elderly people or "ladies who lunch".

Come to that, is it FOR a lunch meal, or for a dinner?
All of these make a difference to what recipes would be suitable, imho.

nzcountrygarden, Jan 28, 4:45am
I thought you might find this handy site useful as I do.-


There are lots of other tips in there, besides mains and dessert recipes.

jstlookin4bargn, Feb 2, 9:41am
It's for a group of different people it's a soup kitchen just opened not long ago

duckmoon, Feb 2, 10:30am
what is your budget.
what are you hoping to cook.

i have a recipe for feeding 50 people, so can give you some measurement for the right quantities.

let me know what you had in mind

jstlookin4bargn, Feb 2, 9:30pm
On abit of a tight budget so things with rice, pasta will help

cgvl, Feb 2, 9:54pm
Some ideas that can be done in bulk include Shepherds/cottage pie, add vegies to it or do them as a side.
Fish Kedgeree uses rice not potatoes and either fresh smoked fish or tinned (tuna, smoked fish fillets)
Macaroni cheese with added bacon or ham and peas and tomatoes (my g/mothers version)
meat loaf made with mince and sausage meat.
Deserts steamed puds with custard or a cake like those goofy cakes uniced and served with custard is nice (we use goofy cake a lot when catering)
In winter thick soups with a bread roll a great.

jstlookin4bargn, Feb 3, 6:56am
Thanks for the ideas

anne1955, Feb 3, 7:26am
Got any poultry farms in area get some boiler chickens slow cook and take meat off can make them go a long way use to pay 1.00 ok that was 10 yrs ago. think they are called table hens these days even direct from producers. Bludge as much as you can from where ever you can. Put adverts in local supermarkets for unwanted produce ask shop for free or bloody cheap dated meat and likes, dinted cans Make them feel guilty lol use what ever and who ever you can. Has your local newspaper done a story on the place yet? Get the word out there.
And good on you. big pat on back to you and the others helping you. Haven't checked where you are but if it's near I'll be there too to help we need more of them sadly.

cgvl, Feb 3, 8:24am
yes you can still get those roasting fowls Turks do them, at Pak'n'save in where the odds and ends frozen are. In our one thats the big upright freezers next to the meat but not sure if they in same area in other supermarkets. They are still fairly cheap. I would use between 3-5 depending on numbers and size of chooks.
Put them into a large pot/perserving type pan add onion, carrot, a mix of fresh herbs (parsley, thyme, sage, if you have) or some dried herbs and a few stalks of celery. Bring to the boil and simmer until meat falls from bone. You can add salt and pepper to taste.
Remove chook(s) and set aside. Leave liquid to get cold, then remove the layer of fat that rises to the top, strain through muslin and put into litre containers and freeze, you now have stock for soups etc.

With the chickens remove the flesh and use it in chicken pie or casserole. I do a dish similar to cottage pie with it. or I make enchilada's or stir fry.
the pie is basically chicken stock, a mix of vegies, thicken with cornflour, add chicken and top with potatoes or dumplings/doughboys.

jstlookin4bargn, Feb 10, 9:36am
Thanks so much for your input we have only been opend about 6 weeks now 2 nights a week so we only new getting there slowly we are in wainuiomata I'm just trying to give back to our community our local rag have done abit of a right up so it's just a matter of getting it out there our goal is to open 6 days a week

brucechef, Feb 10, 1:45pm
i have done soup kitchen work before for 30 or so ppl best oftion price and servin g wise is to go with sumple pasta bake if you take a 5kg bag of penne for example you can get two meals out of it with veg and tinned tomatoes go to your local cafes to ask for veg off cuts cook them down and add toms to make quick large dishes of food
rotorua chef

music_note, Mar 8, 9:18am
Good for you. big pat on your back :-)

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