Quince paste

majoba, Apr 11, 10:51pm
I have checked all the quince threads, the only recipes I could find for paste were slow-cooker ones which I no longer have. Does anybody have a cook-top recipe for quince paste?

blands70, Apr 11, 11:07pm
Google Annabel Langbein quince paste

nanasee1, Oct 13, 9:44am
A microwave one I have developed:
I had 1.5 kg of quince, six small ones. I quartered them and added 1/2 c water & juice of two lemons & cooked them on high until softened. I then removed the cores & skin, much easier to do when they have softened. I put the remaining pulp into my blender then through a sieve. I measured 1 cup of sugar to one cup of pulp. I found 800ml of the mix cooked well in my 2 litre jug, about 20 minutes on high stirring regularly. It turns to a lovely ruby colour & set really quickly without additional drying in the oven. Best of all no splatters on the walls or me!

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