Capers? Mouldy?

wendalls, Feb 4, 6:19pm
I got some delivered with online shopping. They look mouldy. Pretty sure they are but I haven't bought them before. Just checking that they don't normally look like this before I complain. There was a big air bubble in the top and they are in vinegar. The expiry date is good.

petal1955, Feb 4, 6:36pm
Are you sure its not a "bloom" on the capers.often they look "motttled". If they have been packed in the brine and they are covered completely they will be fine.

wendalls, Feb 4, 7:28pm
Not sure they would have been covered completely, but maybe I will ask them if the others look like this. What is a bloom? As in 'algae bloom'? Yes you could call them mottled but it looks like little colonies of bacteria even in some places. With raised surfaces. A light blue grey colour.

wheelz, Feb 4, 9:24pm
They are fine. often look that way.

sarahb5, Feb 7, 6:48am
Post a photo - that might help

wendalls, Feb 7, 8:44am
Haha well I visited pak n save and the shelf was full of them! All looked mouldy to me. I still reckon they are but I guess they are used like that anyway. i will try washing the mould off before I use them. I wouldn't use them whole looking like that.

illusion_, Feb 8, 3:33am
Please post pics of them being washed.

In the mean time . just a couple of links with pics as to what is perfectly normal

wendalls, Feb 8, 8:38am
Ok! Was going to sieve them. Do they disintegrate easily? Yes that's what they look like haha. I shall spoon some out tomorrow and try them unless I threw them out!. I shall still be looking closely though.
In the meantime my refund from countdown can go towards the wrong parsley they sent me. Lol!

davidt4, Feb 8, 8:44am
Capers don't disintegrate readily. Just rinse them under the tap (I put them into a sieve for this and a slotted spoon will also work), shake dry and you're ready to go.

wheelz, Feb 8, 8:45am
They gave you a refund for perfectly fine capers?!

illusion_, Feb 10, 7:21am

wendalls, Feb 10, 9:03am
wheelz wrote:
They gave you a refund for perfectly fine capers?![/quote
Yep. I did say it was the first time I'd bought them and wasn't sure what they looked like. Obviously not everyone eats capers or knows what they look like!. Wouldn't expect them to be widely consumed in Nz although we are getting a lot more adventurous these days!

wendalls, Mar 11, 9:07am
Just tried them. Can't see how they will add much to my cooking but Im sure they will add a bit of a salty tang to something. No need for olives AND capers in the fridge I suspect. Did the sieve thing thanks Davidt4. No obvious mould washed away LOL just a bit of brine.

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