Using bay Leaves

marob2, Jan 18, 1:09am
Thank you all very much for your ideas and tips.

beaker59, Jan 18, 10:38am
Tried the bay leaves in potatoes today yumm that works so well subtle but definitely worthwhile.

I love my Bay tree had it about 6 yrs now its 3 m tall and bushy an endless supply :)

marob2, Jan 2, 7:12am
When do you cut bay leave?, Do you use the fresh green leaves or the older dark leaves? What can I us fresh or dried bay leaves for?
I have a large tree that needs a good prune.
Thank you for your help.

cgvl, Jan 2, 7:49am
I used both fresh and dried in soups and stews/casseroles. Fresh are lovely if you have them. Oh and you can dry them too, I haven't tried as of yet.

lilyfield, Jan 2, 8:12am
No need to dry if you have a tree. No one can possibly use that many leaves. Lovely to have a fresh supply all the year round.

davidt4, Jan 2, 8:25am
Cut the leaves any time, pruning is best done in winter. I use fresh bay leaves often, mainly in soups and braises. 4-6 fresh leaves in a soup or braise for four servings. They enhance most European savoury dishes and are also good to flavour milky puddings, particularly rice pudding.

patsprat, Jan 2, 8:37am
Fresh bay leaves in the pantry seem to keep those pesky pantry moths away. Have used them for the last couple of years (little branches of leaves) on every shelf and had no problems.

lythande1, Jan 2, 7:12pm
I use the older leaves.
You can cut small branches if you need to prune and leave them in your pantry. Supposed to keep weevil moths out, no idea if it works. but it makes the pantry smell nice.

whitehead., Jan 4, 5:08am
i leaf in with your new potatoes is yum there are a lot of things that taste yum some baked fish stuffed with herbs ,

retired, May 8, 12:58am
Saw for sale in the French Market n the UK powdered bay. I suppose it would be easy to make in a spice grinder but would take a lot of leaves.

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