Handy hint needed, stink shoes.

mercury14, Mar 23, 9:36pm
Desperately needed a way to stop shoes stinking.
It started when I purchased a very expensive pair of jandals, the bacteria has now been transferred to other sneakers and shoes.
I tried putting them in a bag and deep freezing for 24 hrs.
Have also tried washing with various products.
I don't want to throw them out as the footwear is either expensive or favourites.
After never having stink feet, it's horrible and embarrassing.
Not sure which thread to post this in so decided all the handy hint folk with great ideas are in here.
Any sure fire advice appreciated, thanks.

herself, Mar 23, 10:15pm
Baking Soda is a good place to start. You might find some useful information here.
http://housekeeping.about.com/od/environment/qt/bksd_shoeodors.htm http://www.smellyfeetcures.com/baking-soda-shoes/
Good Luck.

dbab, Mar 23, 10:21pm
Gran's Remedy. You can get it at the chemist. Works well.

angie117, Mar 23, 10:25pm
I vote for Grans remedy, great stuff and really works.

twindizzy, Mar 23, 10:38pm
cider vinegar

petal1955, Mar 23, 11:04pm
Gran's remedy is baking soda.save your money and use baking soda . way cheaper

kaddiew, Mar 23, 11:09pm
Grans Remedy Original Ingredients: Potassium Aluminium Sulphate, Zinc Oxide, Zinc Undecylenate, Talc, Manuka Oil, Kawakawa Oil.

The other 2 varieties have peppermint or citrus added.

It caused skin inflammation on my feet.

valentino, Mar 23, 11:42pm
Use alcohol like Gin, Vodka etc.

In my younger days, my work boots use to turn white, doctors told me to use alcohol and also use a little bit when washing socks.


melford, Mar 24, 9:24am
Grans Remedy - fantastic

kiwiscrapper1, Mar 24, 9:31am
Yes. Grans remedy but buy from Supermarket not chemist. cheaper, Baking soda is also good and probably cheaper still!

wron, Mar 24, 9:34am
I heard someone say spray with Shower Witch from Wet and Forget works a treat - check their website.

mercury14, Mar 24, 9:46am
Thanks all, we got some Grans Remedy today, here's hoping.

aj.2., Mar 24, 9:54am
THE VERY BEST, I use it in work boots that are worn every day, just use a little each day for a week, then again when you need, usually about 3-4 weeks later.

dolphinlu, Mar 24, 11:35am
Talc powder works well as well.
Other wise I second baking soda

issymae, Mar 24, 11:28pm
foot works powder or spray; Avon have a great range of foot care products

penny123, Mar 25, 8:01am
Will appear stupid but do you mean to spray feet or shoes ?

wron, Mar 26, 9:17am

sarahb5, Mar 26, 10:24am
But you also need to fix your feet since they're the cause of the odour

vomo2, Nov 21, 12:17am
Use white vinegar in the rinse cycle of your washing machine

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