Perfit Preserving seals!

mustu, Feb 10, 9:35pm
Is it just me - or are Perfit preserving seals much more 'flimsy' than they used to be? I've preserved fruit for 40 years and the seals seem thinner and lighter now. poorer quality. I notice that some can get what almost looks like a tiny 'bend/dent in them when they seal properly. That never used to happen.

juliewn, Feb 11, 4:06am
Hi. I agree with you. they sure aren't the quality they once were. a little concerning as they can be damaged so easily.

I often re-use pop-top type jars for preserves now. sterilise the lids as I do the Perfit seals. they seal well and as they're available in a large range of sizes, I can bottle them to suit our needs. little jars for apple pulp to have with pork, big jars for family meals, etc. I find a good supply of them in Opp shops. ask for them if they're not on display as they're sometimes out the back, and check the inside of the lids as I'm selecting the jars to ensure they're clean and rust-free.

My Golden Queen and Blackboy peaches are almost ripe, so lots to preserve soon.

laspaz, Feb 11, 4:12am
I only got 5 blackboy peaches last year, but this year I have abut 40. Very excited as so so good! Do you peel before preserving?

juliewn, Feb 11, 4:31am
Hi. aren't they delicious.

I used to peel them. now I wash the fruit under running water to remove the fluff, run the knife around them then use the peach stoner to halve them which removes the stone, and slice them, so leave the skins on now. it makes a nice bit of slight texture when using the fruit, plus keeps the goodness from them.

I preserved three jars last year, will have enough for quite a number of jars this season, and will make a few jars of jam too.

mustu, Feb 11, 7:19pm
Yes I sometimes reuse pop-top lids on small jars for small amounts and have a good supply of them, but I've never found any that fit the traditional Agee-type preserving jars. I was gifted 4 huge boxes of peaches so the larger traditional preserving jars are essential.

coralsnake, Feb 12, 12:54pm
Yes they are a fact made known by Perfit.

mustu, Feb 13, 12:57am
Thanks for the link coralsnake. Was starting to think I was imagining it. These days it seems like nothing is the same quality it once was!

coralsnake, Feb 13, 2:05am
You're welcome.
I tried some jars sold at Briscoes - Made in Italy with the all in one seal and lid. Threw them out as they didn't seal.

I have in a box somewhere some of the old G seals and bands for Greggs Coffee jars. Gawd knows why I haven't consigned them to recycling before now.

whitehead., Feb 13, 4:09am
feed your tree and keep the water up to them every day all through the winter they take it up and give it back in fruit

whitehead., Mar 5, 7:50am
keep an eye out for them in op shops people have them and they dont go off ive brought new looking boxes for as little as 20cents nothing wrong with them

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