Help making waffles

Having trouble making waffles. The first ones come out fine then the second one sticks to the waffle maker. Have been told it has to do with the amount of butter or oil in the recipe. So are now on the look out for a recipe that fits the purpose. Tried one with half cup melted butter but that is to much butter for our liking.

Chef_dave313, Mar 4, 3:20 am

Turn the heat down and cook for longer. Waffles can take around 8 mins to cook at times. I make fat free waffles and they come out fine. I spray the waffle maker but that is the only fat I use.

Chef_frances1266, Mar 4, 3:52 am

I make one that has 100g butter in it. I also grease the waffle maker/iron before I heat it up, then sometimes I need to do it again after I've made a few. Grease with butter and do it well (thick). Also I just wipe the waffle maker down and place a piece of paper towel between, before storing.
Oh I cook on high, it used to stick a lot until I started greasing it well.

Chef_cgvl, Mar 4, 5:37 am

I spray with baking spray before cooking each batch as soon as it has come back to temperature. and I have learnt NOT to overfill the waffle maker as cleaning it up is a nightmare!

Chef_bluecalico, Mar 5, 6:49 pm

brush lightly with melted butter for each waffle.

Chef_thewomble1, Mar 6, 9:17 am

Thank you all for your help.

Chef_dave313, Mar 7, 12:58 am

I have a non stick waffle iron and I NEVER put oil/butter on it. Ditto the person who said they take a while to cook. they should be brown and crispy when they come out.

Chef_..pip.., Mar 7, 7:18 am

I substitute NZ EVOO for the butter in the Martha Stewart Buttermilk Waffles recipe and no problems with sticking plus they are delicious.

Chef_gayle6, Mar 7, 7:30 pm

Can someone please re post a recipe for waffles, have just found mine after it's been packed away for a while
Many thanks

Chef_rema, Mar 7, 9:48 pm

Could you post your recipe please? I've never had a waffle as I figured they wouldn't be very healthy but you have me interested! :)

Chef_wildflower, Mar 8, 2:14 am

Recipe for waffles on page 11 of the vegetarian thread I have just bumped up for you. Dont have the mixture too thick and it is especially nice with banana and maple syrup. I have other healthy waffle recipes that I will post at some stage.

Chef_frances1266, Mar 8, 2:41 am

A really handy hint to use with waffle maker or any sort of sandwich press, toaster. When finished cooking, turn off and put damp/wet folded paper towels in it and close. The steam will loosen any leftover cooking product, just wipe out and let dry.

Chef_happymullen, Mar 8, 11:08 pm

Great tip, thanks!

Chef_kaddiew, Mar 9, 1:13 am

There will be heaps of recipes on Rachel Ray website, she did a whole series on different waffles.

Chef_cleggyboy, Mar 9, 2:05 am

I've been making waffles in my (inherited) cast iron waffle iron for 50 years and very rarely do they stick. But using the same recipe in a newly acquired electric waffle maker results in soggy waffles. Arrrgghhh! Maybe I need to cook them for longer? In my old waffle iron, you remove them a couple of minutes after they stop steaming. hints, please, electric waffle-maker users.

Chef_punkinthefirst, Mar 10, 2:02 am

I turn my waffle maker (electric ) to the highest setting. They, the waffles come out crisp but do go soft on standing.
My basic recipe is: 2 large eggs
2tsp sugar
3/4 cup milk
½ cup water
1tsp vanilla
½ tsp salt
2 cups plain flour (300g)
2tsp baking powder
2Tbsp Cornflour
80g butter melted.

You will need 2 bowls for this recipe.
separate egg white from yoilks, put egg whites into a bowl with the salt and whisk until firm peaks.
Put all other ingredients except butter into another large bowl and beat until smooth. You may need more water/milk as it needs to be about piklet thickness.
Beat in the melted butter and lastly fold in the egg whites.
Use approx ½ cup per waffle.

This is the other Recipe I use its similar to the above except instead of baking powder I use yeast.
In a large bowl put 1cup boiling water and 1cup cold milk, add 1tsp yeast and 2tsp sugar. Leave until frothy approx 20 mins.
Separate 2 eggs and beat the egg whites with a pinch of salt until firm. set aside.
In the yeast mix add 2 cups (300g) plain flour, 2Tbsp cornflour, 2 egg yolks, 1tsp vanilla and 100g melted butter beat until smooth. lastly fold in the egg whites.
Cover with a cloth and let this mixture sit for approx 20 mins or until bubbles appear on surface. Use ½ cup per waffle.

Chef_cgvl, Mar 10, 4:25 am


Chef_wildflower, Mar 10, 6:35 am

cgvl. my recipe is my mother's, must be well over 60 years old, and is similar to yours apart from the cornflour. It works perfectly in the cast iron waffle iron, but not in the electric one. The problem has to be with the cooking of the waffles.
I sometimes substitute 1/2 cup of rolled oats for the same amount of flour in the mix for a slightly "healthier" waffle. You can't tell the difference, but it adds a bit of fibre to your diet - and don't oats help reduce your cholestrol level? :-)

Chef_punkinthefirst, Mar 10, 7:22 am

Many thanks for recipes, will give them a go!

Chef_rema, Jan 5, 1:01 am

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