olwen, Apr 6, 5:46am
Other half was watching TV and got a hankering for a steak and kidney pudding. Settled on steak and mushroom. Pak'n'Save and New World here were open today. Got a 250 gm pkt of suet mix for $6.99 at New World, The pastry mix adds 1/4 cup of flour. That's expensive pastry, I hope it works out.

pickles7, Apr 6, 6:15am
Yes. It won't spoil, keep it in the fridge. You could use the rest in fruit mince anyway if you wish.

olwen, Apr 6, 6:28am
There are no left overs. The recipe was the packet full, plus a 1/4 cup of flour and water. It was $6.99 in New World for this.

pickles7, Apr 6, 6:44am
oh ok. I did think the 1/4 cup of flour to be odd for pastry. lol. I hope it is nice too at that price.

nauru, Apr 6, 8:59am
That's why it was expensive, it's a pastry mix, not just suet. Next time just buy the suet and freeze any leftovers.

socram, Apr 6, 9:07am
Can't really understand why suet is so expensive anyway. Love suet pastry, steak and kidney pud, dumplings etc. Hard finding in some supermarkets now and I notice that the local New World has a vegetable, non-beef, suet! No idea what that is made from but apparently has 25% less fat than the beef suet No doubt that is also expensive.

olwen, Apr 6, 10:26am
It was all we could find.

fogs, Apr 6, 1:37pm
my pak n save sells both beef suet and vegetarian suet.I buy beef suet it is also slightly cheaper .

lythande1, Apr 6, 6:21pm
I use ordinary pastry. Suet. eeeww.

olwen, Apr 7, 3:02am
The suet crust was lovely, better than the filling. Lythande what pastry do you use in a pudding basin?

socram, Oct 30, 2:05am
Suet pastry is extremely quick to make as there is no rubbing in of the fat. Just mix the flour and suet with cold water and add a little salt - and pepper plus herbs if you wish. Ordinary pastry or suet pastry, it still has fat, whether that is margarine, butter, lard or suet or a combination. Not sure that a steamed pud using ordinary pastry would be anywhere near as good.

When we were trying to fatten up my equally skinny little brother, mum layered suet pastry with local (pork) sausage meat as a steamed pud.

Loved it. No such thing as obese children in those days!

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