OT noises while eating

susievb, Mar 17, 6:52am
He he, have you had someone so enjoying their food that they are making nom nom noises, but don't know their doing it?, then when you clear your throat they give you a quizacal look and say what?

marcs, Mar 18, 1:27am
Yup my youngest daughter who is 8. When she is really enjoying her food she makes this really louds sigh's that she does not notice but the whole table does. After a while I have had to say something so that she is aware of what she is doing.

lythande1, Mar 18, 3:12am

marcs, Mar 18, 8:07am
I know my 8 years in not conscious of it. I have to remind her to stop making noises and hoping she will become aware of it to catch it in time. She certainly does not know she is doing it. Just loving whatever she is eating so I don't think it comes down to table manners. We all have things we subconsciously do that we are not aware of like pull facial expression at the wrong time or how you end your sentences or just certain words you add in your senctences. This is just one of them.

wendalls, Mar 19, 1:44am
My daughter and her cousin have been heard to make the same noise when enjoying something. It is not offensive sounding, but quite funny that they do the same house. Both did it at a young age. My eldest however makes offensive noises from not closing her mouth. This certainly needs correcting but so far she doesn't care. I growl her enough already without going over the top on this one.

..james.., Mar 19, 7:00am
I know a guy who completely unaware of it, moans as he eats, its really weird.
Ive heard other adults eat with their mouths so open it sounds like walking in the mud behind the cowshed in gumboots. None of this bothers me but it is odd that someone can make such a noise in front of others during a meal.
These people don't do it out of rudeness, appreciation or up bringing , they are totally unaware. funny topic in recipes but i find it mildly interesting.

daarhn, Mar 19, 8:08am
Misophonia. I cannot stand the sound of folk eating. With gobs wide open, slurping making barn yard noises. I've been known to stop, look at the animal seated across from me directly with complete contempt, get up and walk out until I calm down. Worse even if your teeth are not looked after and bits food fall from your gob. I can deal with 'normal' eating sounds but hoovering chomping gnashing like some animal in a slops trough turns me into something vile. Lack of breeding and manners regardless if in some cultures it is acceptable.

aj.2., Mar 19, 8:13am
Do you allow for the fact that some people have breathing troubles, IE, can not breath though the nose, they need to take in air, as well as food.
No I don't suffer from this, but did know some one that did.

leebee35, Mar 19, 10:08am

My sister and I both cant stand people stirring cups of coffee with their spoon> I also cant stand chewing gum and hate catching the bus if there dare be someone with their music on. hehe. 1st world problems eh.

daarhn, Mar 22, 5:08am
unless you're in an iron-lung. then no exuses

niffer13, Mar 22, 6:11am
A lot of children that eat with their mouths open often breath thru their mouths. Not a good habit.
A Dr pointed out that to me that my eldest daughter was a mouth breather & gave her exercises to strengthen her mouth muscles - a peg on an ice-block stick moved up & down with lips only. Try it not easy to do. But we were given a nose to breath thru. Helps children prone to chest infections, asthma etc.

dibble35, Mar 22, 8:52pm
you'd hate me then daahrn. im a tea slurper. No ones ever complained yet but occasionally I catch myself doing it, slurping the first hot mouthful off the top of the mug, yummy. LOL

susievb, Mar 22, 9:46pm
He he!, it seems I am ill mannered as I put my elbows on the table, slurp drinks occasionally - especially milkshakes, and make nom, yum, immm noises when eating something delicious.

pickles7, Mar 22, 10:08pm
learned behaviour, maybe ?.

wheelz, Dec 4, 6:19pm
Totally agree! I detest any eating noises!

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