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downshire, Mar 1, 9:52am
This has disappeared from supermarket shelves lately - does anyone know when (or whether) it will be back! We'll miss it dreadfully if Greggs have stopped making it.
(Darn - it won't let me fix the typo in the thread title)

hilt_dwane, Mar 1, 9:58am
yummy, havent had that stuff for years

wheelz, Mar 1, 10:22am
I've never had it! Now I guess I never will.its still on the Greggs site
And google gives it at countdown.

downshire, Mar 1, 10:33am
I went into a Countdown today and there was none on the shelves. Time to email Greggs I guess.

245sam, Mar 1, 12:23pm
downshire, I'm sure Seameal Custard is still's not long since I noticed it on the shelf at one of our local supermarkets - only problem is I can't remember whether it was New World, Countdown or Pak n Save.I'll look out for it next time I'm at the supermarkets and take note where I do see it, then assuming that I can get it and you still can't, please let us know.We'll be up your way in 3 weeks time and if I can still get it here I'd be happy to take it with me for you - we'll be staying with our DD and SIL in Featherston but passing through Carterton on our way north, then west in about 4 weeks time.:-))

mumstu, Mar 1, 8:13pm
I get mine at Pak n Save. Oh that stuff is devine! had some a couple of weeks ago and my kids love it (22,20,18) they ask me to make it for them.

jennyfenny1, Mar 2, 12:09am
i think we have a box of that lurking in our cupboards, but i have never used it. is it somehow better for you than regular custard with the 'seameal'!

strebor1, Mar 2, 2:30am
I just love it. I used to give it to my babies, as it is full of goodness. Still use it when I can find it. Some New Worlds have it and some Pak n Saves, but not all of them which is a pain. Perhaps Greggs could email a list of sellers. I find it usually where the jellies are, if the supermarket stocks it.

arabelle, Mar 2, 8:01am
Saw some about a month ago either PnS or CD, problem is it has either dairy or gluten in it. arrgghh but remember slurping it up as a child.
Yes it contains iodine so considered a healthy source of a necessary item in our diet.[Jennyfenny]

downshire, Mar 2, 9:10pm
Thanks 245sam - that's a very kind offer and we have a daughter in Featherston.
I haven't tried a Paknsave - shall do that soon. We've tried one Countdown and several New Worlds. Our local one had a little sign on the shelf saying it was not currently available. Now the sign (and the space) have gone. I have emailed Greggs, and hope for a response in a couple of days.
We like to use it (raw, as is) in homemade muesli., Mar 3, 10:30pm
Every time I've gone to Pak n Save I've seen it on the shelves. Have never tried it, now I am intrigued!

downshire, Mar 4, 5:51am
Disappointing news from Greggs - here is the reply to my enquiry -

"Thank you for your email – we are always really happy to hear from our loyal customers.

"We were disappointed to have this product deleted from supermarkets due to lack of demand.As a result we had to stop manufacturing our Greggs Seameal Custard.
The last sale of this custard to the supermarkets was in November 2012, but you may find some packs in stores with slower sell through for up to a year.

"We appreciate you taking the time to contact us and thank you for your feedback which we are interested in and we will share your comments with our business.

"Again, thank you for taking the time to contact us.
Kind regards
. "

(might not be quite such a loyal customer now)

245sam, Mar 4, 6:03am
so downshire.If I find some packets of seameal when I go shopping next, would you like me to get some for you so that I can bring it north in just over 2 weeks' time!and if so, how many packets would you like!

strebor1, Mar 4, 8:18am
!Gosh that is so disappointing. I have been buying it for over 40 years

rockie6, Mar 4, 8:28am
Damn, I love the stuff and think I have a packet still in the pantry. I will have to try to get more. I can eat the whole bowl on my own.

245sam, Mar 4, 8:28am
Agreed strebor1, I first bought it about 38 years ago but my Mum had been buying and making seameal custard for many years before that - seameal custard and fruit made a good family dessert.:-))

connor2003, Mar 5, 1:06am
Even I love Seameal Custard - I'll see if there's any in Oz when I go for visit next month

strebor1, Mar 5, 4:16am
Please bring back a container load if you see any!

downshire, Mar 5, 6:40am
245sam thank you! and yes please! You can email me through my website www dot nzspinningwheels dot info (don't add dotnz) and i can give you an address in Featherston and arrange to pay you. I could certainly use up to four - or maybe 6 even! Thank you again! (But I do understand you may not find any)

245sam, Mar 5, 8:02am
downshire, I looked at our local NW and no luck there but DH has just finished work and is close to other supermarkets so he's going there on his way home - they're not the actual supermarkets that we have been shopping at lately so I wait to see what he finds and how many he's able to get if he finds any seameal at all.I'll let you know when he gets home.:-))

terraalba, Mar 5, 8:16am
I recall when I was a teenager, the person who invented this product came to stay. She was a scientist, a good role model for me as this was the 1960s. She invited me to stay with her but well, I was 16 and stupid and never did. Wish I had now. She was Dr Lucy Moore and by a profession some kind of scientist whose first scientific endeavours were first as a botanist. I often look back at this encounter with regret for not going to stay with her. She would have been so interesting.

strebor1, Mar 5, 8:25am
Gosh that is really interesting. I can see why she invented it, being a botanist. I have a Japanese friend who just craves for it. Given their love of seaweed she is going to do it hard, not being able to get anymore.

olwen, Mar 5, 8:39am
Some Countdown shops don't stock everything.worth trying elsewhere if you get the chance.Or ask at a Foursquare - I bet they would order it.

245sam, Mar 5, 8:53am
olwen, see #12 above - there is no point in any supermarket, 4 Square or any other, ordering the Seameal Custard, as Gregg's e-mail advised - they're not making it anymore.:-))

245sam, Mar 5, 8:56am
downshire, no luck at both the Countdown and Pak n Save close to DH's work but don't despair - we're going to be out and about over the next few days so we'll keep trying.:-))

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