So when did you last have fondue?

purplegoanna, Apr 6, 11:14pm
Ive got the special cheeses for the recipe just gotta get some nice breads to dip in it, dragged out the ole fondue set... now all i need is like minded people who will eat it! lol hubby thinks im mad and is refusing to eat it! i may well be able to tempt him once its on the table... . . i may have to invite the step kids around... they eat anything & eveything! lol

uli, Apr 7, 12:00am
And of course do NOT forget the cherry brandy (or slibovitz) in the middle of it all ...

Otherwise it may KILL you ... .

purplegoanna, Apr 7, 12:34am
mmmm nah ill stick to this new hungarian dessert wine ive found! i polished a whole bottle of to myself on monday nite. . just couldnt stop sipping at it... . .

rubyjane11, Apr 7, 3:14am
luscious... .

lilyfield, Apr 7, 8:51am
Uli-- not cherry brandy----KIRSCH.

jmonster, Apr 7, 8:55am
I was talking about Fondue just yesterday with some workmates, and one of the ladies was telling us all about a "meat fondue" she went to once, which is when there is a pot of sizzling hot oil and assorted meat and everyone dips their meat into the oil, effectively frying it, and then there is a whole lot of delicious sauces to dip your freshly fried meat into.

Sounded delicious!

uli, Apr 7, 8:45pm
I know!
I was trying to "translate" LOL ;)

player_smurf, Apr 7, 9:06pm
I think the options are... oil, cheese or chocolate. Went to a Fondue restaurant in USA a while back... they bought out not oil and a huge platter of diff meats, then cleared all that away and bought out a choc Fondue for dessert. A platter of diff fruits etc to dip in. . was very yummy!

dezzie, Apr 7, 9:43pm
one of the nicest things I ever had involving a fondue set in a way, was fresh pineapple cubed up that had been soaked in rum for a good while, we stabbed s cube, rolled them in brown sugar, carmallized them over the flame, then dipped into whipped cream, it was very very nice as a dessert.

This recipe was shared on the message board.

mak47, Apr 8, 8:10am
My favourite was caramel fondue, made by caramelising sugar and adding cream. Absolutely delicious with fresh summer fruit and marshmallows. I must do it again sometime, still have the fondue set. I used to do it with meat in oil as well, with lots of different sauces. I think its time I had a 'retro' dinner party! !

barloo, Jan 13, 2:00am

going but to when I was little as in young primary school age, I LOVED meat fondue! Marinated steak and then cooked to a crisp! ! hehehehe I would "make" my meat fall off and tell everyone to leave it alone as it was mine even if it was theirs that came off! hahahaha

Been veggie for 30+ years now!

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