Feeding Toddlers.

brosph, Jan 31, 2:00am
Help. Im having my grandchildren aged 2 and 4 for 2 weeks. I need some great ideas of what to feed them for lunch and dinner. Its been along time since I've had to cook for tweenies.

beaker59, Jan 31, 2:25am
get allot of cocktail sausages and jelly and you will be very popular :) forget healthy thats Mum's job, grandparents are compulsarily indulgent, enjoy.

lythande1, Jan 31, 2:29am
You feed them smaller amounts of whatever you are having.
Kids don't need special food nor should they.

maxwell.inc, Jan 31, 3:20am
Ask mum maybe. . find out what her idea of diet is for them

to be perfectly honest I would be horrified if mine ended up in a situation like beaker posted, however if mum has no issues with "weeners and jelly" then its not a prob... . so best to ask mum, at least then you will know whats acceptable and whats not;o)

angel404, Jan 31, 3:32am
same! ask the mother. feeding crap for 1 or 2 days isnt so bad, but 2 weeks! id never let the kids stay there ever again if their nana did that!

rainrain1, Jan 31, 3:57am
Fish fingers ?

indigojo, Jan 31, 4:30am
if it where my preschoolers I would expect them to eat whatever you are eating... surely their parents can give you some ideas? ...
just don't do what my MIL did and give the kids ice-cream for breakfast cause 'its a grandparents right to spoil them'... .

and 'tweenies' are pre-teens, so approx 8-13year olds...

rainrain1, Jan 31, 5:04am
Oh yes and one of mine loves baked beans and one love bisghetti (spaghetti)

jessie981, Jan 31, 5:09am
lunch can be crackers, cheese, dry apricots, raisins, fresh cut up fruit. At their age they should be eating normal meals. Mine have the morning & afternoon tea thing so much the same as for lunch but also piklets, muffins (cut small) & afternoon tea, fruit. Give them water rather than sweet made up juices.

natalie9, Jan 31, 6:55am
I have a 1 and 3 year old. One thing I find they love is mini meatballs (or most mince dishes). For the mini meatballs I put in the food processor the mince, onion, carrot, seasonings, egg, breadcrumbs if you wish then mould into small balls. Put on baking dish in freezer then put in bags. That way you just get out how many you need. And for lunches, sandwiches, yoghurt, mini muffins, fruit. Kids only like one filling in my experience, either something like cheese, ham, peanut butter, marmite, honey. Good luck!

lisa7, 4 days, 19 hours
My Miss 3 loves Nutella sandwiches, Weetbix, Spaghetti (Sketty), Easy Mac, Pasta, 2 Min Noodles, Biscuits and McDonalds the most! But yes, she has what we have most days, the above are her favourites, but not the most healthiest.

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