teo9, Jan 31, 4:46am
I have been given some of this veg. Sadly what do I do with it? Any ideas please would be greatly appreciated

davidt4, Jan 31, 4:52am
Sadly? I think it's a cheery vegetable.

Anyway, we have been dealing with a constant supply of scallopini, and have found that it's very nice raw in a salad - slice it very thinly and bathe in a vinaigrette made with 3 parts extra virgin olive oil and one part red wine vinegar, salt and pepper, lemon zest or finely chopped garlic if you like.

The other very simple and delicious thing is to slice the scallopini thinly, put in a wide saucepan with a big lump of butter, a splash of water and salt and pepper. Shake over high heat fro a few minutes until the scallopini has just started to soften, serve hot.

245sam, Jan 31, 5:03am
teo9, we very rarely have scallopini available but when we do I cook it basically as I would cook courgettes/zucchini - here's a source of info'/recipes for you to consider... . .

An earlier thread... "Cucumber coming thick and fast--" which can be found at:-

"Thick Circles of aubergine, courgette, scallopini, and Kamokamo are great on the bbq. . or make up a mixture of these cut into bite sized pieces. You can place a roasting dish onto the grill part of the bbq - once it's hot, spray with a little oil, and toss the veges through. Spray with a little more oil if you want, and add any fresh or dried herbs - rosemary, parsley, sage, thyme, etc. . Keep cooking to make a hot roasted vege platter, salad, or stirfry. Other veges can be added - capsicum's, mushroom's, red or white onion's, Cherry tomatoes, left whole, etc. . etc. . Toss a little balsamic vinegar and some brown sugar through just before serving if you want. . You can also make a large amount of sliced onion rings in this manner, tossing through the brown sugar and balsamic vinegar to make a good amount of caramelised onion's. These can be made the day before, and reheated to serve. . Hope these help. . Have a lovely time at your Bbq. . posted by juliewn"

Hope that helps. :-))

teo9, 3 days, 19 hours
Thanks folk plenty to try.

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