Moore Wilsons type store in Auckland?

Hi does anyone know of a good bulk food supplier in Auckland like Moore Wilsons in Wellington? Thanks

Chef_hang33, Jan 2, 5:10 pm

Not exactly like Moore Wilson but Auckland boasts several Foodie stores of a similar nature. Nosh and Farro spring readily to mind. Farro is on Lunn Ave in Mt Wellington and there is one Nosh in Glen Innes, just further along from Push-n-shove. I think there is one on Mt Eden Road as well.

I think there is another, somewhere in New Market but I don't know if it is as extensive as the two I mentioned.

Farro is most like Moore Wilson.

It is worth remembering that MW has a warehouse outlet in Upper Hutt (I think that is where it is) but it is not a patch on the true Foodie outlet in town. I don't think you were talking about that one. If you were, there is nothing in AK. However, there is a bulk warehouse where retailers shop in Manukau, or rather there was but I don't know if it is still there.

Chef_buzzy110, Jan 2, 5:25 pm

Thanks buzzy

Chef_hang33, Jan 2, 5:32 pm

Farro is much better than Nosh, with more variety of products and better quality meat and veges.Nosh doesn't really have much more than the average Auckland New World but with higher prices.

Chef_davidt4, Jan 2, 6:05 pm

my friend moved from Wellington to Auckland, she doesn't think that the such a store exists in Ak... In fact, she make frequent trips to Wgnt (for other reasons) and still purchases at MW.Not surprisingly her hand luggage is heavy!

Chef_duckmoon, Jan 2, 7:19 pm

Well tell her to go to Farro then and let us know what she thinks. I've been to Wgtn MW and can find everything that is there, at Farro and probably more with the exception of the fresh produce. MW certainly has the edge. It is just a bit smaller so not as much stock in stuff like breads and baked goods and the cheese is packed into a much smaller area but it still has a very diverse range.

Chef_buzzy110, Jan 2, 7:46 pm

She is right, there is nothing like MW in Auckland and Nosh and Farro are a bit over-priced.

Chef_cookessentials, Jan 2, 8:02 pm

There is now a FArro on the North Shore also. It's in Constellation Dr and has a chocolaterie within!!!

Chef_fugazi71, Jan 2, 10:01 pm

it depends on what bulk foods you are after.. there is Gilmore and bin inn

Chef_aktow, Jan 3, 12:28 am

on a similar note, focusing on the warehouse where retailers shop for a more extensive range of dinnerware than can be found in most stores - is there anything like *that* in Auckland??

Chef_missing-wellingt, Nov 1, 10:06 am

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