Breville Frothie - Does anyone have one?

I brought one off Trade Me and I am wondering if I am missing a part. Here is a photo of what I got. Blowed if I can work it. I burnt the milk & it isn't frothie. Is there a bit that goes over the nozzle but maybe, or does anyone have any instructions? I will post a photo link in a second

Chef_bcnd, Jul 16, 8:02 pm

Here we go.

http://images. jp

Chef_bcnd, Jul 16, 8:03 pm

hi, sorry dont know anything about the machine, but if you google; breville frothie machine instructions, there is a breville manual site, where you may find the information you need, or you can ask a question on that site. good luck.

Chef_margyr, Jul 16, 8:45 pm

Thanks. I did look on their website and couldn't find it. I also rang their NZ help centre. The lady hadn't heard of the model and asked me to email her a photo, lol. She was supposed to get back to me this afternoon and didn't. I would like to try and have a nice frothie hot chocolate some time in the weekend if possible. :-)

Chef_bcnd, Jul 16, 8:48 pm

is it supposed to make the milk like you get if you order a latte or cappuccino? if so then the nozzle looks right, and getting the milk right for a good coffee is an art, do you have a thermometer? 65-70 degree is what you want the milk at, just practise, put the nozzle right into the milk and then sort of lift it up and down to stretch it, hard to describe, perhaps google how to froth milk and watch some videos there.

Chef_margyr, Jul 16, 8:55 pm

Oh gosh, I am going to sound dumb! ! ! I put the milk in the machine! ! ! . So now I am now thinking, maybe that should just be water in there? and you then wait for it to steam and then just stick the steam into a milk jug? Does that sound right, lol

Chef_bcnd, Jul 16, 9:02 pm

well as i said i dont know anything about the machine but it looks to me like the steamer nozzle on a coffee machine so yeah i would try putting water in and milk in a jug and then turn that thing to release the steam. have you emailed your seller and asked them how to work the machine?

Chef_margyr, Jul 16, 9:05 pm

They don't know as they never used it. I have just thrown some water in it and will try it this way. Gee no wonder I burnt the milk. Duh

Chef_bcnd, Jul 16, 9:08 pm

have a look at this site; article - see Milk Frothing Guide - Frothing for Newbies & Intermediates
or just google

Chef_margyr, Jul 16, 9:12 pm

Thanks! !

Chef_bcnd, Jul 16, 9:16 pm

hope it is of some help to you.

Chef_margyr, Jul 16, 9:19 pm

bcnd, I don't have experience with this particular machine but I believe that it should be water only that is put into the machine itself and that will produce the steam to stretch and froth the milk for you.

You may like to practise frothing the milk in the same way that we were taught to do at the Barista classes that my DH and I attended. We were told (and it works too! ) that water with a tiny drop of dishwashing liquid will behave in the same way as milk when being frothed so place the same amount of water as you would of milk in the frothing jug, add a drop of dishwashing liquid and practice to your heart's content without any concern re milk being wasted.

Hope that helps. :-))

Chef_245sam, Jul 16, 9:35 pm

thankyou. will have a play tomorrow

Chef_bcnd, Jul 16, 10:11 pm

Let us know how your frothing practice goes bcnd, but please be aware that really good milk frothing results from lots of practice.
We were so lucky in that on the last night of class before our assessment our tutor was a champion barista who not only gave us lots of good pointers but a real confidence boost as he made sure that we had perfected this art as much as possible, so... ...

Have fun and Good luck. :-))

Chef_245sam, Jul 16, 10:24 pm

Well, i think I need another jug... . and a strong coffee... . lol

Chef_bcnd, Jul 17, 9:47 am

The milk must be cold and in a small jug if you have one.
Once the steam is coming out of wand, put the wand just under the top of the milk and a little off centre, then start lifting the jug up and down but make sure tip of wand (where steam comes out) is kept under milk, do this for a few times. If you get a swirling motion with milk you should get a lovely creaminess without lots of bubbles, small ones aren't too bad when you are first learning. Put your hand underneath jug and don't let milk get too hot when frothing.
It takes practice, thats all.

Chef_malcovy, Jul 17, 10:28 am

Couldn't see picture but I have Breville Frothie the water goes in machine and turn on untill light goes out, tube goes in milk, when light goes out it's ready to open valve for milk to go in mug. Replace milk for water when finished and it washes milk out. Hope this helps.

Chef_gaile_guest, Apr 30, 11:23 pm

Hi, have you got yuor frothie working. If not I can tell you exactly how it works.I Have one

Chef_guest, Dec 19, 9:27 pm

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