Induction which one

norton, Jan 30, 3:52am
Hi Nan

Im in the same boat as you . I know I want an induction cooktop but trying to decide whether a freestanding oven or a cooktop and separate oven is best?

dansac, Jan 30, 9:18pm
I Have a Westinghouse induction top, model WHI745BA, it is great two single elements, then two that can be linked or used separately, so if you have a very large pan you can link to two to accommodate the pan.
Found it a bit different at first, but now I love it and the cooking speed is great, as good as gas, but a lot easier to clean.
A word of warning do not store heavy items in the cupboards above! if you slip and they fall the hob comes off second best, just waiting for the new hob to arrive.

crazynana, Jan 31, 1:18am
Also they are dangerous if you or anyone who is going to use it has a pacemaker. They are magnetic and this apparently messes with the pacemaker working. Just a warning.

vwork, Sep 12, 3:51am
Hi - any update on the Belling - still happy with it? (or from anyone else?) Looking at this brand as need a budget option. Thanks!

pearly31, Sep 14, 8:44am
Have had three free standing belling double oven induction cookers in three different homes. Wouldn't be without them now. So safe and quick with the option of fan bake oven. Great budget option at under $3000 for the entire range. Just make sure your wiring can handle the change. Bought from Harvey Norman

nan424, Jun 16, 12:49am
trying to decided which brand of induction hob and oven to change to kitchen is going to be rebuilt so all new apliances needed.
Starting to get a bit bamboozeled by all the choices.

ryanm2, Jun 16, 1:13am
We bought one of these from Harvey Norman

Only paid $849 for it and are very happy. Cant really fault it at all.

katalin2, Jun 16, 7:08am
Also Harvey Norman- Electrolux; the elements criss cross so you can use the whole surface if you want to have more than 4 pots on.

mica3, Jan 14, 11:03am
Like my Bosch induction top.
We went to shop where the tops were installed and you could actually use them

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