Where to buy a double boiler ?

I have posted this in crafts as well because I am wanting to buy a double boiler to use on my gas top to melt soy wax for candle making. I have spent all day on the internet looking for a cheaper one that holds at least 500 grams but all I seem to come up with are steamers or ones that cost hundreds of dollars. I am not near a major city but I could get someone in Auckland to get it for me if there was somewhere there that had one. I have looked at the following sites Farmers, Briscoes, Fishpond, TM, and Alibarbers (although I found that site difficult to navigate, and even under a separate listing for double boilers (as opposed to steamers), it came up with heaps of steamers as well. Any help appreciated. I would rather not use a bowl over a pot.

Chef_rose-murray, Jun 11, 2:20 pm

Try a second hand shop?

Chef_rainrain1, Jun 11, 3:21 pm

Try a second hand slow cooker, preferably the older ones.

Chef_valentino, Jun 11, 3:25 pm

Local op shops?

Is $47.99 too expensive? Stevens have a stainless steel one on sale atm, down from $79.99. A boiler, not a steamer.

There's also a double-walled stainless steel boiler (one pot) from here, for $29.95.

Chef_kaddiew, Jun 11, 3:46 pm

http://www.stevens.co.nz/product/Essteele-Double-Boiler-20cm?p=5796449 presumably also need

I'd find a stainless steel bowl (maybe in an op shop) that would fit a pot.

Chef_olwen, Jun 11, 4:01 pm

Chef_olwen, Jun 11, 4:10 pm

Thank you all. The stevens ones are a bit too expensive, but the innovations one looks quite good. Of course I guess there are several ways of describing these pans and I didn't get any of those from my searches. Will look into the innovations one I think.

Chef_rose-murray, Jun 11, 4:55 pm

I got mine at Moore Wilsons as no one else had them.

Chef_wildflower, Jun 4, 10:12 pm

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