Raw roe?

What do you do with yours?

Chef_twelve12, Aug 5, 5:25 pm

Salmon, flounder, sturgeon . what fish roe?

Chef_samanya, Aug 5, 6:41 pm

Good question. I dunno. It's just from the supermarket, that very fine pale stuff that is normally smoked.

Chef_twelve12, Aug 5, 7:08 pm

smoke it, though some just fry it as is.

Chef_beaker59, Aug 5, 7:22 pm

Just to add smoked roe seems to be less popular these days, I took about half a pound of beautiful freshly smoked snapper roe into my old workplace not one of about a dozen people were interested, most younger ones were incredulous that anyone actually could eat that stuff.

Couldn't give it away, on the North shore.

Chef_beaker59, Aug 5, 7:30 pm

I feed it to my chooks - they LOVE it - and make lots of eggs - much bigger than the fish eggs :)

Chef_uli, Aug 5, 8:54 pm

I think we're going to hot smoke/ sear it over charcoals tomorrow night. It's currently curing.
There was heaps, so the animals got a treat tonight, too.

I'd love to get chickens again, but I don't trust our dog.

Chef_twelve12, Aug 5, 9:09 pm

I love smoked roe, although I haven't yet smoked it at home. I would start by salting the roe for a couple of hours, then rinse and hot-smoke for about ten minutes or until just cooked through.

Chef_davidt4, Aug 5, 9:23 pm

ooooooh. Wove together a whole bunch of leek tops into a mat. Going to smoke the fish on that! Exciting! :D

Chef_twelve12, Jan 20, 12:58 pm

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