What do you give the man

for dinner when you can't be bothered making anything, but he works hard and needs fed. ? I'd like to just throw him a bone lol

Chef_rainrain1, Jul 10, 5:04 pm

I Love It ! I wonder how many of us have felt the same ? The best of British Luck to you. Fish & Chips down the road ? Cheers.

Chef_rosejenny38, Jul 10, 5:09 pm

With mine it's sausages and mash potatoe! Lots of tomatoe sauce :0)

Chef_gertie, Jul 10, 5:13 pm

throw a man a bone ?, you be asking to get a bone right back at ya.

Chef_pickles7, Jul 10, 5:19 pm

Sausages, eggs and chips. Steak eggs and chips. Mince on toast. A good quality brought meat pie with spuds and gravy with peas.

Chef_awoftam, Jul 10, 5:21 pm

You are very naughty pickles. I was going to say something similar, like, dress in something that would take his mind off food. Then I remembered the way to a man's heart is thru his stomach, so I just buttoned up.

Chef_rosejenny38, Jul 10, 5:34 pm

Don't spoil my fun pickles7. my man wouldn't do that :-))

Chef_rainrain1, Jul 10, 5:51 pm

rainrain1? Sure ? Better lift your game then girl ? Cheers & fun to you.

Chef_rosejenny38, Jul 10, 6:28 pm

er um see if he gets it, show him the thread. ; ; you could be dining out, and turning in early.

Chef_pickles7, Jul 10, 6:48 pm


Chef_pickles7, Jul 10, 6:51 pm

Cant get much better or bigger than an export quality beef bone hock ladies
Your move. :)))


Chef_rainrain1, Jul 10, 7:03 pm

Pea, pie and spud (i.e a couple of good steak pies, frozen veg and a pile of mashed potatoes) -- oops see awoftam says the same - or else a fry up of bacon, eggs, hash browns, tin of mushrooms and whatever else I can find to throw together.

Chef_asue, Jul 10, 7:13 pm

OH ! my gosh, Cover it;

Cant get much better or bigger than an export quality beef bone hock ladies
Your move. :)))



rainrain1 (7)7:03 pm, Thu 9 Jul #11

Chef_pickles7, Jul 10, 7:20 pm

The number for Pizza Hut? ;-)

Chef_sampa, Jul 10, 7:38 pm

. and a big smile and a mention that if dinner is early/easy/no stress that means an early night might be in order.

Chef_sampa, Jul 10, 7:41 pm

I don't have to worry anymore but he got what the rest of us had - have to feed myself and the kids every night anyway. If he doesn't like if he knows where the fridge of the chippie are - we all work hard in this house so he's no different

Chef_sarahb5, Jul 10, 8:42 pm

wish they had a like button on here Home kill l take it?

Chef_griffo4, Jul 10, 8:56 pm

I usually have stuff in the freezer. pie, soup, stews etc. get something out and heat it up.

Chef_lythande1, Jul 11, 6:36 am

Savory Mince with cubed potato thrown in as well as peas and carrots.
One pot meal = less dishes after too!

Chef_accroul, Jul 11, 7:36 am

Thanks, I would have, but your freezer is too far away

Chef_rainrain1, Jul 11, 7:38 am

Yes, wasn't I a lucky cookie getting that, it sure was mouthwatering

Chef_rainrain1, Jul 11, 7:41 am


Chef_sampa, Jul 11, 9:50 am

Good one.

Chef_awoftam, Jul 11, 1:49 pm

Why not an impossible pie where you just mix up egg & milk and pour over bread chopped and then what ever else you have added.

Chef_tramore, Jul 11, 3:44 pm

You can't beat a nice piece of meat slow cooked
l am going to try the recipe in the latest Taste magazine called Baeckeoffe Stew
It has blade or shin steak, pork shoulder, lamb shoulder and pork hock cut in three, heaps of vege and streaky bacon on top
Just ordered the hock and pork shoulder and will use the hogget that is tough from freezer
Just need to find celeriac

It looks like a man sized meal

Chef_griffo4, Jul 11, 3:52 pm

sounds very nice

Chef_rainrain1, Jul 11, 5:49 pm

will let you know when l make it next week sometime
busy are present feeding out etc and with it being so wet it is a pain
Daily hail showers are not nice for the winterless north especially when you don't have your wet weather gear with you ;-)

Chef_griffo4, Jul 11, 7:54 pm

I don't have a man . but from experience . food is not the main thing they are concerned about. .

Chef_samanya, Jul 11, 8:27 pm

Tonight mine is getting in on a late flight and wanting to be fed at home. I have some fresh fish and fresh bread so he's getting hot fish sandwiches.

Chef_jhan, Mar 22, 10:54 pm

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