where can I buy those pale sultanas sick of those dark kind I know you can get them as they are in Alison Holts nut mix at the supermarket

Chef_harrislucinda, Jun 1, 1:11 pm

I buy pale sultanas (golden raisins) at Indian and Middle Eastern food markets.

Chef_davidt4, Jun 1, 2:23 pm

Bin inn has several types. I never buy supermarket ones as they're such poor quality.

Chef_gaspodetwd, Jun 1, 2:28 pm

thanks yes heard that name never knew you could get here

Chef_harrislucinda, Jun 1, 2:47 pm

it helps if you wash them in cold water and let dry in a cool oven on paper over night the puff up and and the dirt you get off them will make you blink a bit

Chef_whitehead., Jun 4, 8:56 pm

But still doesn't make them pale like i want them

Chef_harrislucinda, Jun 19, 6:51 am

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