Anyone watching Rick Steins India show?

Can you list a plant please.

Chef_impressions, Jan 15, 3:26 pm

I see that your profile suggests that you are not in Auckland. I can list a plant but it would need to be collected or delivered in Auckland as I found it impossible to arrange courier delivery last time.

Chef_davidt4, Jan 15, 3:37 pm

I'm so enjoying this show - I really want to go over there now and sample all that lovely food. They should do a foodies tour of India, I'd also love to do - Italy, Thailand, Spain, Greece, etc etc.

Chef_dibble35, Mar 24, 4:08 pm

I'm watching it. It's great, and so far the food has been really interesting.

Chef_davidt4, Mar 24, 5:09 pm

His cooking shows are always very interesting, entertaining,informative and inspiring. we love watching them.

Chef_kiwigoldie, Mar 24, 6:35 pm

we watch it most weeks. I thought a curry was just a curry, not anymore. those dishes look amazing, I might have to buy his book and try to make them

Chef_southerngurl, Mar 26, 7:26 pm

Rick Stein inspired me to make Pork Korma & Channa Masala with vegetables on rice last night. It was delicious!

I know they don't eat pork but we do!

Love that programme too!

Chef_lindylambchops1, Mar 26, 9:47 pm

Sigh. Loved it. The final episode was wonderful. I hope there'll be a repeat screening before too long. . I think this is one of the best series he's ever done.

Chef_cloudberry, Apr 8, 9:14 pm

I love all Rick's programmes. The India series has been very interesting.

Chef_maximus44, Apr 9, 6:46 pm

I'm wanting to buy a curry leaf plant to try and grow, I know you can buy curry leaves (cut herbs)in Auckland at the Asian/Indian shops but they arnt available up here in Whangarei, so I really need a plant. Awfully expensive to buy, might have to wait till I head down to Auckland next and pick one up. As for Ricks show - It inspired me to go to our very good local Indian restaurant the other week for dinner - I then convinced my family to all try something different - butter chicken is usually a popular choice with my family - (I must admit they do a fantastic butter chicken) , but this time we had vindaloo, tikka masala, korma, and I tried a paneer dish which was OK - the paneer as usual was great but the 'gravy' I chose wasn't to my taste.

Chef_dibble35, Apr 9, 6:58 pm

We were there 2011 in Kochi/Cochin - my first experience of India.

Love Rick Stein's presentations. He's probably the best of all the TV chefs in terms of the way he speaks and his manner.

Agree with above. Well worth a repeat but may have to have a pencil and paper ready.

Chef_socram, Apr 9, 8:55 pm

We have small curry leaf plants available. If you would like me to list one just say. $20 for a small sturdy plant. They grow quite slowly, and are therefore quite expensive, but well worth it as once established a plant will carry on for many years and after about two years will provide as many curry leaves as you need as well as being an elegant small tree.

Chef_davidt4, Apr 9, 9:22 pm

I highly reccommend his book on India, it has recipes from the series, I'd had it for a few months and tried a couple of dishes but after watching the series will definately be making more!
And davidt4, have you any ideas about growing a curry leaf plant down here in Christchurch? Was wondering how it would go with the frosts? I normally buy a pile when I see them in the shop and freeze them.

Chef_iriegirl, Apr 10, 3:49 am

It's a tropical plant and wouldn't survive any frost. They do quite well in pots, so it would be worth a try if you could bring it into shelter over the winter. They like lots of light.

Chef_davidt4, Apr 10, 7:46 am

ive always enjoyed his shows, esp the old ones with the dog. corky wasn't his name? and I loved it when he read poetry at the end, he still is interesting but I miss the old format, and I must admit I thought curry = hot not just spice. I want to experiment more as I no longer eat red meat and am enjoying different dishes

Chef_motorbo, Apr 10, 10:15 am

Hi David, yes please - always assuming that you can post it upto Whangarei alright? Its funny i've had 2 people ask me for curry leaf plants in the last 2-3 weeks (I work in a garden centre) and before that nothing. Good old Rick must be inspiring lots of Indian cooking

Chef_dibble35, Apr 10, 6:33 pm

Yes I saw all of them thanks, I liked the price of the ones being sold in franklin - 3 for $30 but was strictly pickup only. I like the idea of buying off of someone I see regularly on here - i'm sure their plants will be nice and sturdy as they said.:-)

Chef_dibble35, Apr 10, 7:03 pm

I will eventually - So far i'm doing vanilla passionfruit. tractor seat plants and Niagra grape vines - all reasonably easy to do, these curry leaf plants are a lot harder by the sounds of it, but i'll still try :-)

Chef_dibble35, Apr 10, 8:15 pm

I've listed one for you. Sorry about the high postage but plants are expensive to send.

Chef_davidt4, Apr 10, 8:41 pm

Loved it and had a go at the squid curry from ep 2 the other week, nom nom nom

Chef_kintama_80, May 13, 6:44 am

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