Spotty dick

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Chef_kay141, Jul 4, 1:36 pm

Can't imagine tinned spotted dick?

Nannahall - I get vegetable suet imported from UK and sold in the continental aisle in Countdown. (The Waikiwi one doesn't sell it but the one opposite pak n save does). It's not quite the same as the beef suet but does the job ok. I use it to make sweet mincemeat for mince pies too.

Chef_biggles45, Jul 4, 4:25 pm

used to have this all the time when lived in uk my nanna made it , has anyone got a recipe for it also for proper bread pudding not bread and butter but bread pudding? thanks got my fingers crossed

Chef_nannahall1, Sep 18, 7:34 pm

From the former Trade Me Cooks.
"Spotted Dick
Recipe - 285g (10oz) Self-Raising Flour, 150g (5oz) Shredded Suet, 150ml (¼ pint) Milk, 110-160g (4-6oz) Currants or Raisins, 85g (3oz) Castor Sugar, 1 Lemon, zest only, finely grated, Pinch Salt Mix all of the dry ingredients, including the grated lemon zest, together thoroughly Add enough milk to produce a soft dough. Turn out onto a floured surface. Roll out the mixture to produce a roll approximately 15cm (6 in) long and 5cm (2 in) in diameter. Prepare either a tea towel lightly dusted with flour, or sheet of kitchen foil or a double thickness of greaseproof paper, brushed with melted butter. Wrap loosely but securely, leaving enough space for it to rise. Tie or seal the ends. Place in the steamer and cover tightly. Steam for 1½ to 2 hours. Serve cut into thick slices with hot custard. Suet is raw beef (or mutton) fat, especially the fat found around the loins and kidneys.
posted by ace441

Another version - we call Spotted Dog
(sorry for old measures) 1 lb Bread 1 egg 3 oz sugar 2 oz shredded suet 1.1/2 tsp mixed spice currants or sultanas Soak bread in water and squeeze dry. Mix bread with all other ingreds previously mixed. Put in buttered piedish and cook in slow oven 300oF (a good way to use up leftover bread and crusts) We always eat it cold, sliced into pieces.
posted by julene

Spotted Dick I got this recipe from a Jamie Oliver show
120g flour, 120g breadcrumbs, 120g butter, 120g sugar, 120g apricots - chopped, 140g sultanas, 1 egg, 1tsp nutmeg, 2 tbsp ginger - grated, orange zest, 140g milk, pinch of salt. Mix all together. Grease bowl, put mixture in. Cover bowl with tin foil. Put bowl in a pot of simmering water for 3 hours. Cover pot with a lid or tin foil. Drizzle pudding with golden syrup. Serve with custard and icecream.
posted by idgit1969" :-))

Chef_245sam, Sep 18, 8:33 pm

nannahall1, this one as posted by pam.delilah?

This is useful for using up stale bread or just getting a couple of loaves of cheap bread and letting it get stale over a few days.

Break the bread up into pieces and wet with milk squeeze out most of the milk and then mix in: Handful or two of cake mix fruit or just sultanas: brown sugar to taste: 1 egg: teaspoon of mixed spice squish together with your hands Push into a baking tin or dish.(well greased) score with a fork and dot some butter over it Lastly sprinkle brown sugar over the top. Bake for a couple of hours in a low 150 oven. Great for putting in when you are cooking casseroles and a rice pudding. Comes out like a solid fruit cake. "

Hope that's what you're wanting. :-))

Chef_245sam, Sep 18, 8:47 pm

Gosh that brings back memories of school dinners in the 1970s! we had it without fail every week (it seemed) at Theale Green Comprehensive., Sep 18, 8:50 pm

My mum made the best bread pudding - except for the burnt fruit on the top but I always passed those bits to my brother!

Chef_sarahb5, Sep 18, 9:18 pm

will have to source the suet and I shall be making this as soon as I can thanks so much for the recipes and the bread pudding I can almost smell it cooking thanks so much all of you

Chef_nannahall1, Sep 19, 2:13 pm

I have never had any trouble buying suet. I usually buy it at New World but have also bought it at PakNSave.

Chef_janbodean, Sep 19, 2:25 pm

janbodean, how recently have you bought suet?

The unavailability of suet at the supermarkets has been a topic of discussion here on the Recipes MB and I'm sure that there will be a good number who will be very relieved to know that suet is again readily available, if indeed that is the case at this point in time. :-))

Chef_245sam, Sep 19, 2:41 pm

I buy mine from local butcher who has it vacuum packed and frozen in little packages., Sep 19, 3:03 pm

in my childhood we called this clanger it stuck to your ribbs and fulled your belly like a brick

Chef_whitehead., Sep 19, 3:46 pm

I notice in the above recipe it says to wet the bread with milk - pretty sure my old Grandma only used water - definitely going to make this next week been donkeys years since I had it

Chef_deejaynz, Sep 19, 10:54 pm

Yup my Grandma used water over the bread too,YUMMY beard pudding(cake)

Chef_sgjvh, Sep 20, 6:59 pm

From an earlier thread. :-))

Chef_245sam, Sep 24, 1:36 am

The one my late MIL used to make in London was jynx66 one. She used lots of lard/fat and I refused to eat it -they loved the fatty stuff. Was it solid ! I quite like the look of this one (can cut the suet down and maybe substitute marg). The other half will enjoy although he does appreciate his mothers cooking was stodgy and wouldnt like now.

Chef_groomingtools, Apr 14, 1:01 pm

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