Ox Cheeks.Can anyone

tell me if these are the same as Beef Cheeks please? And if anyone has a great recipe for the slow Cooker for Beef Cheeks, I'd be ever so grateful. Thanks all :)

Chef_catz21, Jun 15, 12:17 pm

catz21, Ox Tongues = tongues are from beef beasts, Ox Kidneys = kidneys from beef beasts so IMO Ox Cheeks and Beef Cheeks would be one and the same thing; however I stand to be corrected if someone knows for sure that that is not so.

Sorry I can't help you with a recipe - if in my vast collection there is a slow cooker recipe for Beef Cheeks it won't be a personally tried and tested one so not one that I could assure you is "a great recipe" - hope someone else is able to help you there. :-))

Chef_245sam, Jun 15, 12:44 pm

I don't know about ox/beef, but have an Alison Holst slow cooker recipe for ox cheeks and beer casserole - not tried though. Would that be a help?

Chef_cosimo, Jun 15, 1:12 pm

They are the same thing.

Chef_edbabynz, Jun 15, 1:15 pm

Oxen are cattle so yes.

Chef_lythande1, Jun 15, 2:45 pm

Yes they are the same. We absolutely love them. I just put in the slow cooker, with a can of tomatoes, some red wine, onions salt and cracked pepper, and any other herbs you wish to put in, and turn it on. They do need to cook for quite a few hours, and when cooked you can just pull them apart. Do not cut up before cooking, and never take the fat off first. The easiest and one of the tastiest meals for winter.

Chef_strebor1, Jun 15, 3:01 pm

Yes, well said. It doesn't even need to be that complicated just the meat and a couple of onions and salt in the slow cooker is good too. but you can add more as well I like a few juniper berries and a fresh bunch of herbs. But the advice to leave them whole and don't trim is bang on part of the pleasure is that lump of glutinous meat on the plate.

Chef_beaker59, Jun 15, 6:48 pm

Thanks everyone for your input :) I actually thought that Ox cheeks would be the same as they're beef but I'm asking for my son's partner so thought I'd best get it right! :) AND. Cosimo many thanks. I have this recipe and that's why I asked about the Ox. I'll let her know.

Chef_catz21, Jun 15, 7:26 pm

where do you buy your cheeks from?. just wondering where to go look for them.

Chef_weezil, Jun 16, 3:31 pm

The Supermarkets have them, usually vacuum packed, in the offal section where the kidneys, lambs fry etc are.

Chef_strebor1, Jun 16, 4:45 pm

thankyou. will look next time i go there.

Chef_weezil, Jun 16, 10:04 pm

But keep it quiet, we don't want everyone finding them and liking them, or the price will go up!

Chef_strebor1, Jun 16, 10:08 pm

14.99 a kilo down here. what do you pay per kilo

Chef_weezil, Jun 17, 5:14 pm

At least that here, sometimes dearer.

The days of them being a cheap meat are long gone.

Chef_kay141, Jun 17, 5:39 pm

The latest aussie butchers meat magazine has a beef cheeks recipe in it .I think it's comes out in the stores on Monday

Chef_spotswood, Jun 21, 2:50 pm

Chef_rainrain1, Jun 21, 3:35 pm

Pak n save have em $9.99 kg. next to the ox hearts, livers and kidneys. Sometimes any of those are needing to be re stocked so it's ask the butcher guys if the can bring some more out. We weren't sure about the flavour the last time we had some so I'm sticking to gravy beef, shins etc. now.

Chef_wendalls, Jun 21, 10:00 pm

They come free with my homekill! he he, but the slaughter man usually takes them as his perk until he got me to try them, now i won't let them go!

Chef_benthecat, Jun 22, 5:58 pm

I cooked beef/ox cheeks last night, for the first time ever. I bought one (the only one) at my local Countdown & I had to wait for a couple of weeks to see a second one. Hence last night with a friend over . I had 2 to cook & they were absolutely to die for. Cost about $9 for 2.

Chef_samanya, Jun 22, 6:32 pm

I think I should vote this thread off, because the last twice I have been into my supermarket they haven't had any! I just didn't want them to get popular!

Chef_strebor1, Jun 22, 6:54 pm

3 tablespoons of good quality coconut oil
beef cheeks untrimmed.
1 cup of almond flour in plastic bag
1 carrot
1 onion
3 stalks of thyme
2 bay leaves
2 celery stalks chopped
300 gms of chopped tomato
500gms of beef stock (slow cook over night beef bones with veges to get this)
Place cheeks in plastic bag with almond flour and shake till coated
gently fry in good amount of coconut oil till brown and crisp. Place in slow cooker. In the same pan fry sliced carrot, celery and onion and add bay leaf, thyme. Then add 2 teaspoons of cocoa powder, a cup of red wine and a 300gm can of chopped tomatoes, the beef stock and simmer 10 mins.
Add this mixture to the slow cooker.
Turn cooker on low and cook for at least 6 hours or longer.
Remove the cheeks and place in dish
strain the vege mix through a sieve and mash the vegie mix through the sieve scraping the remains from the exterior of the sieve into the juice.
Boil the juice to reduce which should take about 15 mins this makes a beautiful sauce to pour over the cheeks which are best served on a bed of mashed spud of kumera with assorted veges.
You WILL be back for more.
You can make more than you will need for a meal and freeze the left over which freezes well and can be defrosted and heated in about 15 minutes when required.
Notice there is no mention of plain flour or cornstarch. Thats on purpose. Make the gravy as specified by reduction rather than adding thickening agents.

Chef_mikenel, Jun 23, 8:16 am

I agree. I hadn't heard of them as an option before reading about them on here (& I'm a country girl, brought up on mainly sheep meat, but with quite a lot of beef as well) It took me weeks to find 2 beef cheeks & I sure as hell would buy them again. Once the butchers/supermarkets know that they are a delicacy & there's only 2 per beast . watch the price rocket up!

Chef_samanya, Jun 23, 6:10 pm

I seen a post on face book that they were in Air NZ Koru lounge, so they are bound to go up in price!

Chef_timturtle, May 7, 1:49 pm

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