Nutra Ninja and other machines similar

Just wanting some good recipes if anyone has any to share please.

Chef_weeoneswoolies, Jul 4, 10:22 pm

we have a ninja. currently enjoying banana,kiwi,frozen mango or mixed berries, yogurt, raw milk also add in lsa and chia seeds.

Chef_rivercottage1, Jul 6, 8:32 pm

Add some fresh ginger to your banana with yogurt and if you use a frozen banana it seems to make them thicker.

Chef_sweater, Jul 6, 9:49 pm

thanks, they sound great

Chef_weeoneswoolies, Jul 7, 11:45 am

I make a similar mixture and enjoy it. Haven't really found a vege combination thus far that I have enjoyed.

Chef_just_lookin1, Jul 7, 12:11 pm

I have one ever day, and mix, banana, pineapple, brocoli, spinach and kale, if I have any LSA or chia seeds also add. water and ice, its delicious.


Chef_wingee, Jul 7, 3:35 pm

Breakfast juice is usually a mixture of apple, carrot, beetroot, spinach, kale, ginger, linseed, and chia seed. I like to make a machine do as much as possible so apart from making our breakfast juice every day, I use it to make a stock base for my soups, adding flax seeds etc to the vege base. It makes short work of making my tomato soup, no sieving out the seeds & skin anymore. Sauce making is a breeze too. I now use fresh peanuts (instead of peanut butter) with the other ingredients to make sate sauce then just cook it up. I also use it to blend the liquid ingredients for all my muffins, they come out much lighter too.

Chef_nauru, Jul 7, 9:03 pm

You make it sound very useful! Which model do you have? I would like something that eliminates tomato and other seeds. Perhaps it would make nut butters too.

Chef_eljayv, Jul 7, 9:18 pm

Anyone with an appliance that eliminates tomato seeds?

Chef_eljayv, Jul 8, 9:11 am

We have the Nutri Ninja Pro with the 900W motor. I don't think it would make nut butters as it has to have some type of liquid added, shame as I do make my own nut butters. Maybe the higher price models do that but ours was a present so we didn't have that choice. We are very happy with what we use it for anyway.

Chef_nauru, Jul 8, 8:34 pm

Nauru, thanks for coming back, I would be happy enough just with eliminating tomato and other seeds but I will look into other models of the ninja as you suggested.

Chef_eljayv, Jul 8, 9:31 pm

Do you use beetroot you have cooked or can you use beetroot out of a can.

Chef_weeoneswoolies, Jul 16, 10:20 pm

I use raw beetroot, I just give it a good scrub, top & tail and chop it up, putting any extra into a lidded container in the fridge for later use. Doesn't the canned beetroot have added vinegar, don't think it would be nice in juice, but OMI.

Chef_nauru, Mar 7, 7:01 am

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