Hamilton restaurants?

Any recommendations that serve good seafood or duck?

Been hunting menus, and it's rather shocking how many just don't serve seafood beyond sad old fish and chips.

Chef_fizzy_kiwi, Jul 23, 10:19 pm

There is good duck to be had at Victor's Place on Ward Street (see the 'Chinese BBQ' section of the menu http://victorsplace.co.nz/menu/) or at Cullen's in Hood Street (http://cullens.co.nz/menus/).-

Chef_pinballwizard, Jul 23, 11:09 pm

Not sure if they still do it, but Furnace have a yummmmmm duck main. Also Victoria Street Bistro do a nice duck salad dish on their lunch menu

Chef_kirmag, Jul 24, 1:30 am

Check out Chim Choo Ree. We had a wonderful dinner there about six months ago.

Chef_davidt4, Jul 24, 8:10 am

I've had great seafood and duck at Cullen's,Chim Choo Ree and my favourite place- Victoria St Bistro.

Chef_carriebradshaw, Jul 24, 12:30 pm

2nd for Victors Place. Their sweet n sour pork is yummy too

Chef_bcnd, Feb 20, 2:05 pm

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