8 oz is how many grams?

Please :o) Meant 8 ounces of butter is how many grams

Chef_matuq, Apr 13, 3:11 pm

Chef_pickles7, Apr 13, 3:14 pm

Thank you Pickes7. I did Google but couldn't find anything really easy. Yours is good. Ta.

Chef_matuq, Apr 13, 3:15 pm

it is a handy site, covers everything

Chef_pickles7, Apr 13, 3:19 pm

1 oz roughly 30 grams.

Chef_lythande1, Apr 13, 4:43 pm

Probably too late now but just a quick reminder - weight is weight and it doesn't matter what is being weighed, unlike units of volume.

My old scales say 8oz = 240g approx but usually I have found that when converting, most books round up or down so 250g would be acceptable if you convert the rest of the recipe as well using the same rounding method.

Chef_buzzy110, Apr 13, 5:52 pm

An ounce is 28g - round up or down - most recipes that have both measurements use 25g as the conversion

Chef_sarahb5, Apr 13, 6:53 pm

A cup has 250gm. 8oz = one cup = half block of butter.

Chef_juli55, Apr 15, 10:59 pm

It is half a pound, and 1 pound = 454g. So, 227g is the answer.

Chef_r.g.nixon, Apr 15, 11:22 pm

Its actually 200grams 😁

Chef_family007, Apr 18, 8:16 pm


Chef_sarahb5, Apr 18, 9:39 pm

No, it isn't. It is 227g
200g is only just over 7oz

Chef_flancrest, Apr 18, 9:56 pm

8 oz = 226.796185g

Chef_thewomble1, Oct 2, 8:58 pm

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