Wow! what a deal.not

You just have to wait for the cabbage to grow

Chef_pickles7, May 4, 12:57 pm

That is hilarious. $42 for a jar and lid, a pounder, a jar of Himalayan salt and some seeds. I can get jars from the OP shop for 50c each, or less - sometimes they give them away. I made a punder by cutting the end off a $4.00 rolling pin and I seriously do not need seeds. Cerebos sea salt is not terribly expensive by the kg in the supermarket.

Then there is also the issue of poor old mum being given 'work' for Mother's day.

Chef_buzzy110, May 4, 1:07 pm

You will have something to leave your eldest child in the way of an, heirloom. lol

Chef_pickles7, May 4, 1:18 pm

I'm sure she would prefer to bury it with me so I can offer it to the Gods in the Netherworld. A $42 sauerkraut making kit will be sure to placate their lust for money. Her father will probably get buried in one of his classic cars. Lol.

Chef_buzzy110, May 4, 10:16 pm

All our salt is sea salt. Its being harvested near Blenheim from the sea, would you believe it! No need to put it on the label

Chef_lilyfield, May 5, 9:59 am

I do believe it. I have even been there.

Chef_buzzy110, Aug 23, 9:14 pm

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