Anyone else have real BAD luck with avocados.

we used to be able to buy avocado flesh in a sealed pack - made in NZ but don't seem to be around anymore .

and whenever we buy FRESH avos , seem to be 'rotten" as such , even the green ones once they ripen

maybe we need to go to avocado class to learn the secrets as this is costing a fortune and not even getting a taste

advice needed please


Chef_flagheaven, Jul 9, 3:39 pm

All the time. dam lucky if one out of 10 is any good, and they look like seconds anyway, I'm really put off buying them. They either feel like rock, or like sock

Chef_rainrain1, Jul 9, 3:56 pm

In my experience the avocados have been very poor this year. Even the Reeds, which are usually good, have been disappointing. Maybe all the best are exported?

Chef_davidt4, Jul 9, 4:00 pm

It's the wrong time of year for them. Most of the commercial orchards in BOP and Gisborne, growing Hass avocados finished picking in late February/early March.

Chef_kay141, Jul 9, 4:09 pm

This describes it well -

I've been disappointed in Reeds this year too

Chef_bedazzledjewels, Jul 9, 4:09 pm

It seems that more and more avos that are sold in supermarkets are now windfalls - everything presentable gets exported. Our local market is thoroughly monitored and anyone selling windfalls is banned for life. As the customer cannot see if the avos are good or not the managers buy them regularly from their stall holders and so we are able to buy excellent avos. I am told that our market is an exception though :) Not many market managers take an interest like those here do.

Chef_uli, Jul 9, 4:18 pm

Up until a few weeks ago I was buying lovely locally grown avocados for $1 each at the farmers market. They kept well too but the SM ones have been rubbish and I've given up on them as they are too expensive to throw in the compost bin.

Chef_nauru, Jul 9, 10:14 pm

Maybe if everyone returned the ones that are inedible, we could be offered better fruit. I think the supermarkets do know what they are buying, and are making huge profits by buying the seconds.

Chef_pickles7, Jul 9, 10:33 pm

Even over the summer they were rubbish here. I just got a bag off a roadside stall today (first time in ages) so fingers crossed they will be ok. Not holding my breath though!
I never buy at the supermarket cos they are too dear and usually yuk.

Chef_pamellie, Jul 10, 5:20 pm

I find that as long as I buy them very green and unripe (or better still pick them off Mum's tree) and wait patiently for them to ripen they are perfect - almost all of those that I buy when ripe, I am disappointed in.

Chef_handmade1, Jul 10, 10:14 pm

I find that I need to buy when they are green as, and wait to ripen cause everyone wants to squeeze them to see how ripe they are

Chef_gardner12, Jul 11, 5:12 pm

Don't have to squeeze them. Press them ever so gently at the top (the pointy end). If that is soft then the fruit is ripe.

I refrigerate as soon as mine get ripe if not eating immediately but don't keep them long. I only buy 2 at a time now.

Like others, I get mine at markets direct from the growers. I know where to complain if I get dud avocados, even if I do have to wait for the next week, but I've never had to yet. When the season finishes they don't come to the market.

It is always best to buy in season. That means as the season change so does my food. I don't buy avocados all year round, just in season.

Chef_buzzy110, Jul 11, 5:31 pm

I read a hint and tried it - it worked. When selecting a fruit, pop off the little cap where the stalk was, if it is dark inside - leave it. If pale green, its fine

Chef_hilt_dwane, Jul 11, 11:18 pm

They do seem to have been worse this season tho I think.

It drives me insane when I see people going squeeze squeeze - then put them back on the pile.

Chef_maynard9, Jul 12, 6:14 am

lol why?

Chef_rainrain1, Jul 12, 7:47 am

Because it bruises them. To test it's ripeness, you just need to wiggle the little snubby/stalky bit, you should never squeeze it.

I've found even when they are ripe, they often have a grainy texture with heaps of stringy bits in them. I've given up buying them with the amount of bad avocados I've had.

Chef_hd07, Jul 12, 10:06 am

I sometimes wonder, when watching a TV cooking show and they are cutting into avocados, how many takes they have had to do to get a perfect one that is unblemished. I, like others, have wasted so many and much money when they are so brown spotted inside. Dammit. Are we , the public, second class citizens? They're certainly not worth banking on.

Chef_lulu239, Jul 20, 9:56 am

I always squeeze, :-))) And I chose the perfect one yesterday

Chef_rainrain1, Jul 20, 10:15 am

I haven't had a decent one for ages. They look ok but when cut open are all brown inside

Chef_jia5, Jul 20, 4:27 pm

I bought some today 5 for $5 at our local farmers market. They are from the same supplier I was buying them from a few weeks ago. I hope that they are as nice.

Chef_nauru, Jul 20, 4:34 pm

We've been having the same problem down south so don't buy them any more. Really missing them tho. I phoned supermarket each time I was't happy with them and got refunds. If we don't tell them they don't know they are inedible.

Chef_biddy6, Feb 26, 1:11 pm

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