How to keep basil

I've just come home from the local Farmers' Market. Among my lovely fresh veges and herbs, I've bought a big bag of basil leaves.
Please do you know how I can keep the leaves nice and fresh for a while. I would have liked to have bought half the quantity but the leaves came in a big bag for $3.00. I've also bought some Basil plants to grow so any tips about growing the plant will be also appreciated.

Chef_terraalba, Feb 8, 11:04 am

in the fridge or chop your leaves with a good olive oil and pack the lot in a jar and keep it in the fridge . you could add chopped oinion salt pepper all in and us in on all sorts of things ,. just keep it covered in oil

Chef_whitehead., Feb 8, 12:48 pm

if you really have too much, I just freeze mine and crumble from frozen onto pizzas etc.

Chef_lilyfield, Feb 8, 1:25 pm

I would do as others have suggested, you could make some pesto.

Chef_nauru, Feb 8, 6:08 pm

Chilly bin, with a freeze pad , will keep fresh for 4-5 days.
Basil goes like a weed, so you won't have any problems, just space them out a bit.

Chef_aj.2., Feb 8, 8:44 pm

I grow basil in my tunnel house each year & make basil pesto. It freezes well too. Really nice adding a couple of tablespoons to a roast vege salad after it has come out of the oven - just gently toss the veges to coat with the pesto.

Chef_macandrosie, Feb 10, 4:40 pm

I had a vague recollection to do with blowing a bag up with air so had a quick look and came across this -

Chef_sampa, Mar 13, 4:50 am

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