Nutra Ninja OR Nutra Bullet?

Can anyone who has used either of the above, please let me know which is the better of these two products to buy and why? Thanks in advance.

Chef_jetxr8, Apr 13, 8:24 pm

We just bought a Nutra Ninja 900watt. We like it - can't compare it to other machines as we have only used this one.

Chef_auntlb, Apr 13, 9:27 pm

Thank you Auntlb; much appreciate your info.

Chef_jetxr8, Apr 14, 8:28 am

I got given a nutra bullet - I have a smoothie every morning and it mushes up the fruit fine - my only criticism is that it is quite small which I think is one difference between the nutra bullet and the nutra ninja

Chef_murfee, Apr 14, 10:26 am

we just got the Nutra ninja 1000w and it is awesome!

Chef_cleggan, Apr 14, 1:45 pm

Bought a Nultribullet for my husband for xmas. Expensive, but fabulous. He used to suffer from digestive problems, but no more!.

Chef_hawkemoon1, Apr 15, 10:50 am

Wondering what type of digestive problems and how nutribullet cured digestive probs, was it the ingredients or puréeing his food?

Chef_eljayv, Apr 16, 8:34 am

Hi again; thank you all for your helpful postings.
Are each appliance (ie the Nutribullet and the Nutra Ninja) easy to clean/wash after use? Do they need to be put into a dishwasher or is hand-washing sufficient? (I ask 'cos I don't have a dishwasher.) TIA & cheers

Chef_jetxr8, Apr 17, 10:26 am

The nutribullet has 3 parts - the motor unit which is easy to wipe over after using, the 'cap' which has the blades and shouldn't be placed in the dish washer and the cup which is dishwasher dafe. However, after I've made my smoothie I just put some water in the container and give it a quick whizz which cleans it then wash it in soapy water so no dishwasher needed.

Chef_murfee, Apr 19, 9:28 pm

I have a Ninja which I love, really easy to clean and doesnt take up much room on the bench. I use mine everyday. I think they are both the same, except for the price, ninja is cheaper.

Chef_angie117, Apr 20, 5:49 pm

I have a Magic Bullet but I cracked the blade part - I think because the food I was buzzing, was too hot. Anyway I found a similar product at Kmart which isn't the same quality but pretty good for only $40 compared to the overpriced Magic Bullet. The Kmart version also comes with a totally useless juice extractor. lol

Chef_paora-tm, Apr 20, 6:46 pm

Bumping this for Tiger250; it may be helpful re her question of 2 May. Cheers, Jill

Chef_jetxr8, May 3, 8:27 pm

Thanks jeyxr8 - looks like it will be the 1000

Chef_tigger250, Aug 27, 12:46 pm

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