Why Knot store

i went there today, they had small round Camembert and brie for 49 cent. the larger oblong size, 3 for $5.
i always buy there icecream. 2x2ltrs for $5 and a 5L icecream for $6.99 . i thought it was asian icecream because there was asian writting label but it's nz export icecream to asia. i bought a carton (4.5kg) of chocolate biscuits for $2.99 . they where crispy but you can taste they are not new. they will make a excellent base for a biscuit slice instead of buying wine biscuits. i did buy 4x 500g tubs of margarines for $5 . not bad but it was light margarine. still tasted good. there are a few products passed there good buy date but they are still good to eat. when 1tr bottles of coleslaw mayonnaise is 2 for $1 who goner turn that down. i must say they had a lot of cheap food .

Chef_aktow, Jun 9, 2:19 am

Where's the Why knot store please?

Chef_standard, Jun 9, 6:32 pm

There is only one in East Tamaki . Auckland, but it is a great place for bargains.

Chef_janeny1, Jun 9, 7:10 pm

79 springs road, east tamaki. Have to agree they have some great specials sometimes

Chef_mr-and-mrs, Jun 9, 9:33 pm

Thanks for that, will let the family know.

Chef_standard, Jun 10, 3:14 pm

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