ellie how do you get rid of the "tag" or "advertising" bits on SOR - they are very annoying but I would guess that is how SOR survives. Can they be disabled in any way. Plus I found the wedding/party etc thread for me didn't start on the first real page however seemed to be further down. Is that correct or is it my computer that may be doing it.

Chef_pixiegirl, May 13, 10:43 am

Are we still all called "chefs"?

Chef_bedazzledjewels, May 13, 10:50 am

Thanks elliehen. What a shame that brianmac's wonderful recipes have disappeared from this forum. I've saved a few from time to time, and there were more I would have liked to make, so it's good to know that they are still available via stackofrecipes. It's quite nice being labelled as 'chef' though. Probably the only time it will ever happen:-)

Chef_lurtz, May 13, 11:52 am

That is wonderful. Thanks so much for that info. Must have a check at the weekend and print them off.

Just wondering. If TradeMe finally see sense are they able to reload all the deleted stuff or will it have to be collected all over again. Excuse ignorance.

Chef_maynard9, May 13, 1:06 pm

Yes, they are able to do that. As soon as the username is re-instated, then all posts return. It seems that what they were happy with has had an about face due to the "complainant" even though it was a genuine error in regards to logging on and off on one computer!

Chef_cookessentials, May 13, 1:49 pm

well, the cookessentials account is my business account because it had to be kept separate in regards to our accounting and GST etc. It was not too long ago that Trademe was featured on the news in regards to posters "trading" on a regular basis ( ie: as a business) had to have a separate account. What irks me is that Trademe are/were well aware of the two accounts and I have had numerous discussions with them about it. They were very happy to have both as they understood the fact that there were so many recipes contained under both usernames that it would be detrimental to remove either. However, thanks to one or two of our regular trolls who made a complaint, Trademe seem to feel as if they have something to uphold by now changing tack and removing either one ( brianmac as the case may be) I have a choice of using one or tother, not both but because there are precious recipes from some eleven years ago on brianmac and precious recipes from the last 6-7 seven years on cookessentials, losing either creates a large hole that many people miss out on now. There are only two posters that it ever bothered and at present, one has ventured out of the woodwork with their cyber halo whereas, the other is still lurking but hiding.

Quote buzzy 110 "Interesting brianmac are your saying that these 4 posts:

were sufficient to start the slide into war?

I think your bias is showing and why are you now posting under your husband's TM name and not your own - cooksessential"

So, tell me. is running to Trademe part of your "sliding in to war" strategy then?

Oh, and by the way poster buzzy110, its" cookessentials". just for your future reference.

Chef_cookessentials, May 13, 2:07 pm

Does "stack of recipes" still exist?

Chef_fishplants, May 18, 2:09 pm

Chef_davidt4, May 18, 3:37 pm

So why do ellies posts not show if she has books for sale?

Chef_fishplants, May 18, 5:55 pm

Must have upset someone on boards and been given a holiday and dependant if this is first or 3 as to when if she will be back. Still allows sales etc they make money from them :)

Chef_anne1955, May 18, 6:45 pm

Exactly as Waltraud's postings are deleted when she still has listings.

Chef_hezwez, Jul 9, 9:49 pm

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